Why can’t LED filament lamp replace LED bulb lamp at present

Why can’t LED filament lamp replace LED bulb lamp at present

LED bulb lamp

The LED filament lamp is better than the current LED bulb lamp in terms of appearance and luminous angle, and its appearance is very similar to the traditional incandescent lamp. This is why everyone thinks that the LED filament lamp is the final version of the LED bulb lamp. But why it has not been able to be implemented in large quantities on the market, the reasons are as follows

The price of LED filament lamp is too expensive

  1. As for the solution, manufacturers have been researching how to reduce material costs and improve process yield. This problem belongs to the LED front-end packaging process, which is also the goal of many packaging factories. In addition, discuss other factors that affect the price of LED filament lamps. The labor cost during assembly is too high, and the yield rate of the whole lamp after assembly is not high. These are the reasons why the price of LED filament lamps cannot be reduced.
  2. Quality At present, the biggest problem of LED filament lamps is heat dissipation. Because of the shape of the LED filament itself, heat dissipation is difficult. Therefore, it not only accelerates the light decay of the LED filament, but also affects the life of the LED filament. So how to improve the heat dissipation capacity of the LED filament is an important problem for LED filament lamps at present. In addition, the LED filament has heat dissipation problems, so many manufacturers reduce the wattage of the LED filament to reduce the heat generated when the LED filament is lit, but the relative brightness is also reduced. Due to the heat dissipation problem of the LED filament, the whole lamp assembly cannot increase the overall wattage, but the market believes that the general bulb lamp should be used as the main lighting, and the brightness should be around 1000 lumens. At present, the brightness of LED filament lamps on the market is about 400 lumens, so the current LED filament lamps can only be used as decorative lighting, and cannot be used as main lighting.

How to choose led lights

Because LED lights in life have a much longer life than energy-saving lamps, LED lights are becoming more and more popular among ordinary people. Next, I will share with you a few small methods of choosing LED lights. Amazon Discount Code 


  • Different LED lights can be selected through different color temperatures. It has two colors, cool and warm, and you can choose lights with different color temperatures according to different installation places.
  • Different LED lights can be selected through the display index on the LED light, that is, the display color of the light source.
  • Choose LED lights with different lumens, that is, choose how bright the bulb is according to your own needs.
  • At the same time, it can be equipped with a light regulator to adjust the brightness and even the color of the LED lights, so that the brightness of the room is more suitable for you.
  • When choosing LED lights, because it will generate heat, it will be safer to choose LED lights with better heat dissipation performance. Anything But A Cup Ideas
  • LED lights do not rely on the gaseous state to emit light. No matter which color temperature or lumens you choose, the LED lights are particularly safe, and you can choose with confidence.


When choosing LED lights, you only need to choose according to the lighting needs in your house, there is no need to pursue how big or how good it is.

The difference between led candle lights and led bulb lights

I believe that everyone must be familiar with led candle lights and led bulb lights. LED candle lights and led bulb lights are relatively common in our home life. So what is the difference between led candle lights and led bulb lights? What are the advantages of each? The following is a detailed introduction to the differences between led candle lamps and led bulb lamps and their respective advantages: Amazon Discount Code NHS

  • light
  • LED Bulb

The main difference between led candle lights and bulb lights lies in the appearance design of led candle lights and led bulb lights (the picture shows the example of Hongrun Lighting led candle lights and led bulb lights), led candle lights are often used in crystal lights , Wall lamps, and marble lamps are highly decorative, and the use of LED candle lamps can well set off the noble, elegant and warm atmosphere of the entire space. The shape design of a led bulb lamp is relatively traditional, and it is often used in traditional lamps, such as chandeliers, etc. The price of a led candle lamp is more expensive than that of a led bulb lamp. 144HZ Laptop

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