Why buying a home in a Gated-Community  in Phoenix is a lucrative Choice?

Why buying a home in a Gated-Community  in Phoenix is a lucrative Choice?

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But as you know, buying a premium home is not a decision that can be taken lightly. The process demands a great deal of research and a deeper understanding of your expectations from a residential property. This post will highlight the features you can expect from a residential property in a gated community.

What Is A Residential Gated Community?

A residential gated community (RGCC) comprises single-family homes, attached garages, houses, and apartments. It is located on the perimeter of a larger neighborhood or another land area that provides common grounds for residents.

The term “gated” was first used in the United States in the 1930s to describe a housing development with a perimeter fence. Robert A.M. Stern Architects popularized the first use of the term “gated” with their book Gated Communities: The Rise of Neighborhood Security in Postwar America.

Residents of RGCCs generally have access to a controlled entryway and can enter and exit their homes only through this gate. This makes residents feel safe from outside threats like crime or vandalism. Some communities may have security guards stationed outside these gates at all times, while others may have a night guard who comes on duty at certain hours during the day and leaves at those same hours. In some cases, visitors must provide identification before gaining access to the community.

What Features Can You Expect From A Luxury Residential Property In A Gated-Community?

The amenities of a luxury residential property in a gated community range from swimming pools to spas, jogging trails, and more. The best part is that many of these amenities are included in the price of your new home.

If you’re thinking about buying a luxury residential property in a gated community, here are some of the features you can expect from Fireside at Desert Ridge homes for sale:

  • Parking spaces: Many of these communities have plenty of parking space for your vehicle. In addition, there are also garage options for those who prefer to keep their cars under cover.
  • Recreational facilities: With many activities available in these communities, you can relax by the pool or participate in tennis or basketball leagues. There are also many gyms where you can do exercise sessions regularly.
  • Panoramic views: Most luxury residential properties come with beautiful panoramic views, which makes them perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing after work under their sun terraces.

Final Thoughts:

Gated communities have many features to offer both buyers and homeowners. If you’re looking to buy a property in a gated community, properly evaluate each feature and consider if it might be useful to you as a potential homeowner. Make an informed buying decision that is right for you.


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