Who Created Wattpad?
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Who Created Wattpad?

An Interview With Alan Lau, Co-Founder And Ceo Of Wattpad

Alan Lau is the co-founder and CEO of Wattpad, the world’s largest community of readers and writers. Founded in 2006 with Ivan Yuen, Wattpad is breaking down conventional limitations amongst readers and writers and constructing social corporations round memories. It is a model this is working no longer quality for amateur writers however moreover for hooked up writers consisting of Margaret Atwood and Paulo Coelho,

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With years of experience constructing successful cell tech corporations, Allen first commenced prototyping a mobile e-studying app in 2002 on an older gray-scale Java phone that would show handiest five strains of text. . He wanted to clear up the hassle he turned into going through – the way to observe on the pass. So for the beyond 10 years Allen has been exploring the electricity of cellular/social collaboration, on line groups and client-generated content material fabric.

Wattpad now serves over 10 million readers international, 1 million within the UK. 6 million individual-generated testimonies span each fashion, collectively with mystery, romance, technological know-how-fiction, poetry and fan fiction. A great 2.Five billion mins are spent on Wattpad and 750,000 new jobs are delivered each month,

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We stuck up with Alan Lau at the TOC convention at the Frankfurt Book Fair final week to find out about Wattpad’s next bankruptcy.

Tlp: We Regularly Pay Attention Wattpad Being Mentioned Within The Context Of The Democratization Of Writing. Was This Your Intention?

AL: Ten years ago in 2002, I turn out to be a serial entrepreneur – Wattpad is my 1/3 organization. My first corporation have become Tera Wireless. At that point we had been focusing on cellular gaming but I am now not sincerely a gamer. I need to make a few element I can use myself so I attempted out a prototype on a Nokia Candybar to see if I ought to supply my analyzing material on my mobile smartphone. But cellular phone abilties have been so primitive on the time that I did now not pursue that concept. Fast beforehand to 2006, and I changed into making plans to move away my first organisation and start a few thing new, so I revived that assignment in my basement. At the same time, the co-founding father of Wattpad – Ivan Yuen, who have end up our number one employee at Tera Wireless, moved to Vancouver. I grow to be although in Toronto. One day he at once messaged me announcing ‘Hey Alan, I’m running on a prototype, are you able to test it out?’ I clicked on his link and it became exactly what I modified into strolling on at night time.

Tlp: Likeminds….

AL: It have become cellular reading on a cell cellular telephone, however on pinnacle of that he constructed a internet site in which anybody may additionally need to characteristic anything and then study it on a mobile smartphone – so he turn out to be a few steps in advance of me. I become so excited that I flew to Vancouver  days later and Wattpad have grow to be born. In that meeting at the Vancouver airport, we determined on some subjects. We knew cellular have end up going to be huge so we desired to cognizance on cellular analyzing, on cell telephones, that have become our first priority. We each additionally knew that we had no knowledge of publishing structures, so it might be insane for us to begin licensing content from publishers. So on the time — now 2006 — even as YouTube emerge as honestly getting larger and being obtained by means of manner of the usage of Google, we had been thinking, “What else are we able to have a look at to the YouTube technique?”

Building a YouTube-like model during the e-book made best feel to us and we have been looking beforehand to 3 interesting results. Exactly the way it become going to paintings, we had no idea it became such an early day. But now it is turning into easy that our vision have become proper. More and extra people are going to get proper of entry to content cloth fabric thru video display units and the net has opened the floodgates for plenty people to end up content material creators.

Tlp: So How Did You Build The Network? Is It Surely Difficult Enough To Do From Scratch?

AL: If you take a look at Wattpad’s records, the number one 365 days’s site visitors became very disappointing. We almost pulled the plug. It become so lousy. And then inside the 2d 12 months it became a bit better however… Nonetheless no longer top notch…

Tlp: How Much Is ‘disappointing’?

AL: I knew quite a remarkable deal every unmarried client. I knew wherein they lived… [laughs] Maybe interior some hundred.

TLP: Well, it’s far surely interesting because of the reality one of the matters we looked at in phrases of community constructing is that humans can try to perform a little factor for 6 months, see some disappointing preliminary consequences and Then you could pull the plug. What emerge as your tipping element?

AL: I’d say in three and 4 years. You should assemble a network step by step. You cannot circulate straight to high website traffic in a brief amount of time. Initially we imported public location works at the facet of Charles Dickens ‘A Christmas Carol’, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ – works available on Project Gutenberg. Michael Hart, one of the co-founders of Project Gutenberg – he presently handed away – helped us import almost 20,000 one among a type titles, all public region works at the time. We had been focusing so much on cellular at that factor and plenty of human beings have been now not listening to cell e-readingt differentiator, we have been able to attraction to the primary few hundred clients however it have become nevertheless a completely small crowd. Over a month we were able to develop it with the resource of 10% however that doesn’t sound very large, proper?

Tlp: But It Changed Into Growing?

AL: It became growing from one hundred to one hundred ten, then 121. It become truly pretty miserable. But over an extended time period the regulation of compound hobby actually works.

Tlp: So How Have Been You Funding The Project At This Point? Are You Self-Funded Or Vc Funded?

AL: At this thing we had been bootstrapping for three years and then after 3 years we raised a completely small spherical of initial funding – half of of one million dollars or some issue – enough to permit us to lease  extra builders to reinforce up the improvement. And then in Year three and Year four we commenced out to see the hockey stick. Last yr certainly before our fifth anniversary we raised our first spherical of mission capital from Union Square Ventures based in New York. Union Square Ventures funded some of similar ventures: massive groups in special regions which includes foursquare, twitter, zynga, tumblr, and many others.


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