What Is Corvina?
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What Is Corvina?

Corvina is the call of an own family of masses of species of big, purple-flesh fish found commonly in the waters of the Pacific Ocean alongside Central and South America. Since there are many sorts of Corvina, the fish range in length and appearance. Specific sorts have many names, which include speckled sea trout, white sea bass, kingfish, yellowfin Corvina and Grangemouth Corvina, just to name some. Corvina is a thick fish that can be cooked in a selection of ways and is much more likely to be determined inside the fish market than at the grocery save.

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About 270 species of bony, saltwater fish fall into the own family Cyanidae, which additionally goes via the not-unusual name Corvina. Most Corvina is located in warm temperate and tropical waters, along with the southwest side of the coasts of Central and South America, and are fished at some stage in the year with the usage of bottom trawls, gillnets, or handles.

The Corvina is either a drum fish or a croaker fish variety, known first for its drumming sound and later via a distinct croaking. Some sorts are silver-blue with mild spots and yellow plumage, while others are bronze-colored with darkish spots and golden plumage. Their size also varies, from small, one-meal fish to massive drums weighing up to twenty-five pounds.

How To Cook Corvina

This hearty white meat fish can be cooked in a diffusion of ways, from broiling to grilling to pan-frying. Its thick flesh is easy to paint with, as the beef turns white to faded pink because it heats, assisting cooks to understand whilst it is carried out. Some carvings are smaller and work fine whilst fully cooked, at the same time as larger varieties need to be cut into fish steaks before cooking.

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Because Corvina is a saltwater fish, it may be organized uncooked (while properly treated and saved) as ceviche, which is regularly served in Peru or served warm and hot. When absolutely cooked, the flesh turns a creamy white and breaks out in big clumps. Cooked Corvina can be eaten plain, dipped in sauce, or eaten as a filling for tacos.

What Does Corvina Taste Like?

Corvina is one of the greater slight forms of fish. It has a bare candy, a mellow taste which can flavor a bit like butter. The flesh is oily and smooth which allows supply the Corvina a rich, high-priced mouthfeel.

Corvina Vs Red Snapper

Corvina and pink snapper have a few similarities, inclusive of the candy, and mild flesh that is red whilst raw. They can each weigh up to 25 kilos, but smaller and smaller may be stuck as properly. In the latter case, purple snapper and Corvina are often served whole.

But beyond these factors, those two fish no longer have lots in the commonplace. For starters, red snapper does not have the identical oily, buttery texture as Corvina. While its flesh turns yellow while cooked like corvina, a light pink coloration stays while Corvina turns a creamy white. Red snapper is likewise an awesome kind of fish, whilst Corvina has many varieties and names. This makes pink snapper a higher-give-up, more luxurious fish which is more difficult to come back by means of, especially sparkling.


There are 270 extraordinary carvings, which may purpose some confusion, in particular because the fish is understood by way of a massive number of names. Varieties could be named Atlantic Crocker, Weakfish, Black Drum, Red Drum, Spotted Sea Trout, Speckled Sea Trout, Yellowfin Corvina, White Sea Bass, Kingfish, Grangemouth Corvina, Golden Corvina, Shortfin Corvina, and plenty more. Even even though a number of the names use the phrases “bass” and “trout”, corvina isn’t always related to either of the drums and croakers.

Where To Shop For Corvina?

The first step in buying a Corvina is knowing what names to search for. Often it’s far called “White Sea Bass” or “Speckled Sea Trout”, however, may be classified under many extra monikers. It’s satisfactory to visit a fishmonger no longer handiest to get the freshest samples but to understand what form of corvina you’re shopping for. While this fish is bought in many groceries, it’s far more likely to be determined inside the frozen seafood segment.

Corvina Storage

If the corvina was purchased sparkling, it may be saved inside the fridge for 2 days; If frozen, store it in the freezer until ready to thaw and use. All corvina must be tightly wrapped and stored in a zip-pinnacle bag or airtight field. Once defrosted, the fish has to be cooked for 24 hours to save you from spoilage. After the fish is cooked, it is able to be stored inside the refrigerator in a sealed container for about three days.


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