What is a Drone?

What is a Drone?

what is drone

Unmanned aerial vehicle, referred to as “UAV”, is an unmanned aircraft operated by radio remote control equipment and self-provided program control device. According to the platform configuration, it can be divided into: fixed-wing UAV, vertical take-off and landing UAV, unmanned airship, helicopter UAV, multi-rotor UAV, parachute UAV, etc.


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Features of Drones

  1. Compared with manned aircraft, it has the advantages of small size, low cost, convenient use, low requirements for the combat environment, and strong battlefield survivability.
  2. According to relevant regulations, UAV operations in mainland China can be divided into 11 situations according to the size of the aircraft and the airspace. Among them, only UAVs over 116 kg and airships over 4,600 cubic meters fly in the integrated airspace and are managed by the Civil Aviation Administration of China.
  3. The rest, including other flights, including the increasingly popular micro-aerial aerial vehicle, are managed by industry associations or by operators themselves.

Drone – easy to operate

Unmanned aircraft calibration board can be used for unmanned aircraft radiation calibration, multi-spectral calibration, autopilot calibration, logo positioning, can provide large-area targets, reflectivity can be selected from 2-99%, Lambertian, good stability, accuracy high

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UAV Manuscript

We often talk about drones, how much do you know about drones? In this issue, we will make a handwritten newspaper about drones.

  • colored pen
  • drawing paper
  • pencil


  1. First use a pencil to draw a sketch of the drone on the upper left of the drawing paper, the effect is as shown in the figure.
  2. Draw a blue ribbon just above the drawing paper and fill it with blue.
  3. Use colored pens of different colors to write the theme of the handwritten newspaper in the blue ribbon: Understanding drones.
  4. Then draw a gray cloud shape, fill it with gray, and write a brief introduction about the drone.
  5. Draw an orange rectangle at the back and write some classification about the drone inside.
  6. Draw a green quadrilateral below and write an application of the drone inside.
  7. Finally, draw some decorative flowers on the blank space of the drawing paper, so that a handwritten newspaper about drones is made.Ebay Discount Code NHS 

The Benefits of using Drones to inspect Bridges

  • The bridge is located on the Yangtze River, and there are many ships passing by. The wind force reached level 5 during the detection. The operation was performed on the shore at a distance of 400 meters, under the premise of ensuring the safety of the equipment and the accuracy of shooting.
  • The number of cameras is 4k, and the camera is a 20-megapixel zoom camera. The UAV bridge detection system is mainly composed of UAV, task load system, data transmission system, ground station system and other equipment.
  • The UAV adopts a multi-rotor UAV, which is convenient for hovering to facilitate observation and data collection. The data transmission system is used for the transmission of system control signals and detection data. The ground station system is used to monitor the UAV flight in real time, check the shooting situation, correct the flight trajectory in time and discover obvious bridge diseases.
  • In addition to the conventional maintenance tools, other equipment also includes a test result analysis and processing system. The task load system of the UAV used for bridge inspection is slightly different from that of the conventional aerial photography UAV. The former’s three-axis stabilization gimbal and high-definition camera are placed above the aircraft, and the aerial photography gimbal is generally arranged below.
  • The UAV bridge rapid detection system uses the characteristics of UAVs to hover at will, and uses the high-definition image acquisition system to take local pictures of the detected objects at known positions and distances, and the data is stored in real time. Video recording to analyze the location of the disease and the degree of damage.
  • After that, carry out an integrated analysis of the classified and scattered data, conduct a quantitative assessment of the entire bridge condition, construct a description of the hazard level, and define the hazard level from Level 1★ to Level 5 (most dangerous)
  • Using unmanned aerial vehicle technology to take appearance aerial photography of super-large bridges, combined with high-definition pictures, solved the problem of traditional manual inspection of dead ends, achieved the expected results, and provided an objective basis for regular post-test analysis of bridges. This method has high efficiency and traceable data, and will provide technical support for the establishment of long-term bridge health records.Amazon Discount Code NHS 

How to Choose Between Drone And SLR

  • Drone
  • DSLR
  1. Today, the editor will tell you how to choose between drones and SLRs, let’s take a look.
  2. The editor thinks it is better to buy drones, because drones are now widely used, which is much worse than the penetration rate of DSLRs.
  3. In addition, there are many channels for drones to make money, such as wedding companies, corporate celebrations, and real estate promotions.
  4. Because drones have a certain degree of professionalism, there will be thresholds that can be realized. Check out clevo nh70
  5. However, it should be noted that to consider whether the performance of the drone meets the national regulations, you must contact the local public security department to check the local drone regulations.
  6. Well, the above is the article I brought to you today, I hope it will be helpful to all netizens.

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