The French 25m Long CapitalTuckereuStartups

The French 25m Long CapitalTuckereuStartups

The French 25m long capitaltuckereustartups are a great example of how an entrepreneur can go from being a small-time, one-person startup to building a large enterprise, with a few hundred employees. These companies are often run by entrepreneurs with backgrounds in a variety of fields, including technology, business, law, and healthcare, and can be a great way to build a company that can be both profitable and sustainable.


french 25m long capitaltuckereustartups



TagPay is a French startup specializing in next-gen core banking technology. The company’s product is a reasonably priced solution for financial institutions to modernize their core banking processes. Their platform has been implemented by twenty banks in Europe, Africa, and Latin America. In fact, TagPay has more than seven million accounts. And that’s just the beginning french 25m long capitaltuckereustartups.

A recent funding round by private equity firm Long Arc Capital helped the company secure a massive EUR25 million, which it plans to use to expand its presence across the European continent. The new capital will also help the firm double its headcount in just 18 months. For starters, TagPay’s current team of 35 will be joined by another fifteen. As part of the deal, the firm will retain the services of long-time partner Societe Generale. Its three co-founders, Yves Eonnet, Herve Manceron, and Jean-Luc Perez, will keep their titles and responsibilities intact.

While there are many startups in the fintech space, TagPay stands out thanks to its technology. The company offers a scalable Core Banking System that can be deployed quickly and efficiently. With the ability to design and deploy personalised products, a core banking system can be a valuable resource for financial institutions. Besides, the company’s product allows financial institutions to improve customer experience, and to better support innovation. Moreover, the company’s next-gen SaaS offering is a modern take on the traditional desktop application.

The company’s most recent funding round was the most significant one to date. This includes a swathe of investment from the likes of Long Arc Capital, a New York City-based private equity firm. Although the company has a modest number of clients, it is aiming to grow its footprint in European markets. To that end, the aforementioned product will most likely be rolled out to more banks. One of the reasons for this is that there is a clear need for more innovative offerings in the digital banking space. Likewise, there is a clear need for cost-effective, scalable, and open-source core banking systems.

Embarc Collective

Embarc Collective is a 501c3 non-profit organization that helps early-stage startups build thriving companies. It works with over 125 startups in the Florida and San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, Embarc Collective is the fastest-growing startup hub in the state of Florida.

Embarc Collective’s facility in downtown Tampa provides a 32,000 square foot collaborative space for member startups. The facility features multiple workspaces, including a classroom, private offices, meeting rooms, and a café. In addition, Embarc Collective provides a variety of function-specific support for members. This includes executive advisors who work with startups to solve their specific challenges.

Embarc Collective hosts an annual Startup of the Year Summit. This event brings together hundreds of startups, venture capitalists, and other entrepreneurs from around the world. This year, Embarc Collective hosted the 9th Annual Startup of the Year Summit in Tampa. This year’s event featured some of the top mentors in the world, as well as corporate connectors.

Embarc Collective also offers an educational program. The company provides a variety of weekly programming led by industry experts. In addition, Embarc Collective members can receive individualized offerings and milestone-based coaching. All services are geared towards the unique needs of each startup.

Embarc Collective is a full-service incubator that has grown rapidly since its launch in 2019. Currently, Embarc Collective has quintupled its membership. Embarc Collective charges a monthly subsidized membership fee. However, Embarc Collective does not take equity in its startups.

Embarc Collective is a nonprofit innovation hub that provides hands-on support and resources to early-stage startups. Embarc Collective will bring together a global network of investors, academic resources, and startups. By offering these resources to members, Embarc Collective will help to foster the growth of Florida startups.

Embarc Collective is currently partnered with 160 early-stage venture firms and expertise-focused organizations. Their professional and management training gives entrepreneurs access to network and technical support. These services are available at discounted rates for teams that are on-site. Embarc Collective is open six hours a day, Monday to Friday. For more information french 25m long capitaltuckereustartups,


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