slintel series capitaleconomictimes – [Tips]

slintel series capitaleconomictimes – [Tips]

As part of the slintel series capitaleconomictimes, we are taking a look at a number of key developments from the past year in the Indian automotive industry. These include the rise of the EV market, the launch of the new GTM engine, the acquisition of GGV Capital, and the new CEO of GM India. All of these have a bearing on how the industry is changing.


slintel series capitaleconomictimes


GGV Capital

GGV Capital is a notable investor in such companies as Slack, Square, Wish, and Airbnb. Its partners include Stellaris Venture Partners and Sequoia India. The company recently announced a $20 million Series A round of funding. In addition to this funding, it also received a hefty $600 million investment from SoftBank. This includes a large swath of the company’s stock in the form of an equity investment slintel series capitaleconomictimes. The company has been growing at an impressive rate and is a contender for the hottest tech startup in the bay area, according to some sources.

Slintel, the company, is part of the $24 billion marketing intelligence space and claims to be the first company to accurately provide a company with the information it needs to create account-based marketing campaigns. Using a proprietary machine learning algorithm, the company’s algorithm can detect and classify customer data and deliver personalised content to users based on their individual profiles.

Rahul Bhattacharya

Slintel was founded by Deepak Anchala and Rahul Bhattacharya, and it’s a business-to-business purchaser insight company. The company’s objective is to enhance versatility and productivity by helping organizations recognize deals opportunities. It works with customers in the US, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions. It is a platform that enables businesses to identify the highest-intent prospects and streamlines the sales process.

In the past year, Slintel has grown its client count by 5X. GGVCapital and Accel invested $20 million in the company. The new money will be used to fuel growth in the US and China, as well as to invest in early-stage companies and expand operations. This will help Slintel hit its objectives faster. The startup was originally launched in India, but it’s now working with companies in the US, China and Europe.

With the help of GGV Capital, Slintel is able to hit its goals faster and more efficiently. The company is data-driven, which makes it easier for companies to find the right deals. Rather than wasting time with wasteful proof of substances, it can easily determine the right prospects and improve efficiency. As an added benefit, Slintel can be utilized for a wide variety of industries, from retail to healthcare. Currently, Slintel is used by more than 300 companies to find buyers and generate more revenue slintel series capitaleconomictimes.

Aside from the funds raised, the company is also getting some assistance from the investment firm Hans Tung. According to Deepak Anchala, this firm will be a big help in the company’s future growth.

Deepak Anchala

Slintel has a mission to change how sales and marketing teams use data. They do this by delivering a set of tools that are designed to help sellers discover buyers. The company has been around for over a year and has already grown in both size and revenue, thanks in part to its recent partnership with 6sense. It was started by two men who were looking for ways to improve their own productivity: Deepak Anchala and Rahul Bhattacharya. Their goal is to make the sale and marketing process easier and less complicated.

One of the company’s most interesting products is an augmented reality app that lets sales and marketing professionals find out who their most important potential buyers are. In the meanwhile, Slintel has been funded by GGV Capital and Accel. This is a significant lift for the startup, which has grown its client count by fivefold in the past year. Aside from its new partners, Slintel has also recently merged with 6sense, which will provide a better customer experience. Another interesting feature of Slintel is its ability to detect deals opportunities based on buyer and seller behaviour.

Founded in 2000

The year 2000 saw the founding of many businesses, ranging from public/private enterprises to corporations. These companies were founded by inventors, investors, and philanthropists and all have helped shape the future of our world.

Among these innovations are the internet and mobile phones. These are the foundations of some of the most advanced technology ecosystems on the planet. There are thousands of locations for cell phones and millions of places for cellular and wireless Internet access. Verizon Wireless is the largest wireless telecommunications company in the U.S. It is also one of the largest wireless providers in the world.

Google’s technology was superior to other web-search contenders. It was able to index one billion pages in June 2000. Its first acquisition was Google Groups in February 2001.

The Music Genome Project was launched in Menlo Park, California by Tim Westergren. This project aimed to archive songs based on musical genes. In addition, it calculated the musical proximity of songs.

Biotechnology companies were launched, including Amyris Biotechnologies. The company received funding from the Institute for OneWorld Health and was founded by Berkeley scientists. Biologists were interested in developing smarter diagnoses and predictive medicine.

Silicon Genetics was established by Stanford biochemist Andrew Conway. Its focus was on expression software. Another technology, SoftSwitch, was founded by Maggie Orth to integrate audio communications into jackets.

Another technology is a fabric-control keypad. This is an invention by SoftSwitch, which introduced its product in 2000. Other technological breakthroughs in the 2000s include the development of the Low-Level Virtual Machine and the JPEG 2000 wavelet compression codec standard.

Revenue grew 5x last year in the midst of the pandemic

Slintel is a business intelligence startup that specializes in helping companies make the most of the digital era. The company claims to have the largest database of B2B leads, but the product also offers a suite of marketing and sales solutions. Among its offerings is an automatic sales development tool. By automating the processes of research, generating buyer profiles, and executing outreach, Slintel claims to help its customers boost conversion rates. While it’s not quite a unicorn, it’s been around for a few years and is one of the fastest growing companies in its category.

In terms of Slintel’s latest round of funding, it was a bit of a surprise to learn that the company raised $20 million in Series A funding from a group of investors, including Sequoia Capital and GGV Capital. The investment will help the startup aspire to become a global sales intelligence powerhouse slintel series capitaleconomictimes. Currently headquartered in Mountain View, CA, the company aims to add more than 300 customers to its burgeoning roster by 2021. Its main claim to fame is in its ability to automate the marketing and sales processes, thereby lowering the cost of doing business.

One of the coolest features of the platform is its ability to measure and visualize account-based go-to-market results. It also helps uncover the hidden buying behavior of anonymous buyers and enables more relevant outreach. Another cool feature is its ability to help revenue teams plan, prioritize accounts, and execute on campaigns.

GTM engine

Slintel is a venture backed business-to-business purchaser insight company. Founded in 2010 by Deepak Anchala and Rahul Bhattacharya, the company specializes in the nip and tuck of purchaser intelligence. The company has grown its client base by five times in the last year alone.


A few months ago, the organization raised a round of funding of $20 million from GGV Capital. According to CEO Deepak Anchala, this is the most significant funding to date for the venture. With the money in hand, Slintel will have the opportunity to make a name for itself in the competitive market of customer intelligence solutions. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), the company hopes to deliver value to clients by uncovering customer insights and delivering relevant intelligence that enhances productivity and efficiency. Slintel’s product is currently available in over 80 countries. As of the writing of this article, it has more than 2,000 customers and is growing at a healthy clip. In the next twelve months, the company plans to expand its footprint by opening more locations around the world slintel series capitaleconomictimes.


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