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✓ You want to increase the sales of your Ecommerce

✓ You want to get new leads and reach potential customers

✓ You want to increase the number of visits to your site

✓ You need to improve Brand Reputation and you need to increase your Brand ‘s Awareness and Engagement

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What is SEO Consulting?

SEO Consulting allows you to improve your positioning on Google to increase visits, turnover and popularity.

La SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) is an integral part of the Web Marketing strategy and represents the set of all the strategies necessary to improve positioning on Search Engines.

SEO consultancy: how to do it

In our Webproseo Web Agency  you can take advantage of our SEO Consultancy, according to your needs and the most suitable approach to optimize your site. Based on your goals and the status of your site, the Consultancy will be provided on a continuous or one-off basis :

Seo Audit

It is the starting point for SEO optimization. It consists of an in -depth analysis of your site from a technical point of view , thanks to which we identify the technical and content criticalities that negatively affect its positioning. At the same time, we study your sector and your competitors , so that we can develop a functional  and effective SEO strategy for your business.

OnSite fixes

This is search engine optimization Dubai , with technical and content interventions aimed at increasing the authority of the site and making it easily scannable by Search Engines (SEO Friendly). It is recommended to carry out this activity after the Seo Audit, but you can also contact us on a one-off basis to solve existing problems or find out what negatively affects the positioning of your site.

Continuous SEO Consultancy

As SEO Consultants , we analyze the best channels dedicated to your reference sector to create Brand Awareness around your brand and perfect the reputation of your site. We identify the most suitable keywords and study your online competitors to position your site as high as possible, recommending the right strategic choices and getting you visibility and new customers . At the same time we constantly monitor the SEO positioning factors of your site , to always have the pulse of the situation and intervene promptly if necessary.

With Continuous SEO Consultancy, every month you will receive a personalized report with the activities carried out, the results obtained and the  analyzes of our SEO Consultants.

SEO training

Thanks to our SEO Courses you can become independent or enhance your staff in managing the SEO activities of your site, so as not to have to outsource the service. We are the right agency both for those with little experience in Web Marketing and for large structured companies that need high-level updating on SEO , modulating the lessons and topics covered according to specific needs.  Individual figures or entire company departments can benefit from our courses .

SEO Consultancy 2022: Voice Research

The Google Positioning activities of a website must be carried out periodically and adapted according to the changes that occur.

The algorithms of the Search Engines, as well as the interest of individuals in a product or service, change over time and therefore it is necessary to keep your site up to date and in line with the latest guidelines on Google Positioning.

Technologies, of course, also evolve and now we have devices that allow you to do voice searches such as Alexa or Google Home .

It is essential that your website has all the necessary configurations to also appear in Voice Searches !

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Results of SEO Consulting

The first results following SEO optimization can usually be observed in medium-long periods ranging from 3 to 6 months from the beginning of the activities.

How are the results obtained measured?

When we monitor a site after intervening with our optimizations, we consider 3 fundamental factors:

  • Positioning of the most suitable keywords
  • Number of Keywords for which the site is positioned
  • Traffic and Visits trend

A well-optimized site on which Seo OnSite, OffSite and Blogging activities are constantly carried out , in the period following our interventions will have a positive trend in all 3 factors considered: the number of keywords will constantly grow and, consequently , visits to the site will increase. The users who visit it will also be more targeted and your sales will increase, because they will find you thanks to the keywords that best identify your Brand.

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