Prosapient 10M smedvig capitalbutchertech

Prosapient 10M smedvig capitalbutchertech

Prosapient, a startup focused on developing a platform for managing expert networks, recently raised a $10 million investment from Smedvig Capital. The company’s new funding will be used to expand its business. Its recent hiring and future plans are also discussed.


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Investment round led by Smedvig Capital

For the uninitiated, Lucio is the ad dude of ad tech. The company has a sizable amount of capital in the bank to play with. Its latest round included notable names like Google, the eponymous Google, and Yahoo. The likes of its execs and exes alike will be hard at work putting their best foot forward over the next few months. A large-scale rollout will follow in the not-too-distant future, albeit on a more modest budget. To that end, a new sexy lasso will be making an appearance at the inaugural sexy sexy sexy event. In the lead-up to the big day, the company has had a slew of staffing and product announcements.

A platform for managing expert networks

Managing expert networks is a critical business function that can help a company make smarter decisions. Experts can be used for market research, competitive benchmarking, and other important tasks. However, there are many challenges in finding the right experts.

To find the best experts, a company needs to conduct a thorough search. This can involve scanning through a career database or phone book. Another option is to submit a request to several expert networks.

These platforms can connect you with freelance experts, contract employees, or subject-matter experts. Some even offer custom projects and market research services. The best ones can also provide 1-on-1 advisory.

Some of the largest expert networks in the industry include AlphaSights, Guidepoint, GLG, and Third Bridge. They all offer quantitative data products, real-time market data, and industry advisors. But there are more than a hundred smaller expert networks in different markets. Each has its own unique internal operations.

For instance, the first-generation expert networks relied on internal databases and phone directories. Today, most operate across verticals and geographies. There are also several DIY marketplaces, like Upwork, that use algorithms to match requests to the appropriate experts.

Expert networks have evolved from simple online services to full-fledged workflow platforms. Companies can now interact with millions of executives from around the world through a single tool. Using a thriving network helps a company become more agile and innovative.

There are also community management tools available that help members collaborate and share knowledge. Members can also create working groups, virtual events, and more.

Ultimately, a thriving expert network is a key contributor to innovation and culture. When a company’s network is thriving, it makes it easier to hire the right experts and bring new ideas to the table.

ProSapient is a SaaS platform for managing expert networks. With the company’s recent Series A funding round, it plans to expand internationally. The investment will help the firm develop a workflow SaaS platform, as well as reach new clients.

Expert networks are a key component of the product development process. By leveraging their expertise, companies can create powerful surveys and conduct insightful interviews over the phone.

Future plans

ProSapient is a software as a service platform that helps users to connect with experts. It offers a wide range of services, including expert placement, strategy projects, surveys, and transcripts. The company claims that it has worked with the largest expert networks in the industry and that it has helped clients around the world. As the company looks to expand internationally, it has raised a 10 million dollar Series A investment round. With this funding, the company will be able to support its workflow SaaS platform and further international expansion.

According to the company, its revenue has risen over 100% year-on-year, and it claims to have over 100 clients in the USA and Europe. Its existing investors include 24 Haymarket, Smedvig Capital, and Guy Hands. Recently, the company hired Mike Wroe as chairman. Using cutting-edge technology and machine learning, the company ensures the best possible results.


In addition to its research services, proSapient has also launched an expert network that allows users to engage with a network of experts to share knowledge, advice, and ideas. This includes a transcript library, a curated network, and an expert recommendation engine. Users can also conduct small strategy projects with a limited number of experts. Conference calls are another tool that can be used to gather insight, and the company offers a variety of messaging options as well.


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