Sustainable Construction: The Most Used Materials
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Sustainable Construction: The Most Used Materials

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We live immersed in a trend of care for the environment and the search for sustainability in all areas of life. Sustainable construction has great relevance since it is important to achieve environmentally friendly societies and increase people’s quality of life. We offer best material and services for PEB steel Pakistan.

A key axis in the progress towards sustainability is construction and, in this sector, the materials used are basic to obtain good results and achieve sustainable buildings where reduce emissions of polluting particles into the atmosphere and their occupants feel comfortable away from problems. such as Sick Building Syndrome.

The most used sustainable materials in construction

There are numerous sustainable materials. But for sustainable construction, the processes used to obtain and place them must also be sustainable.

We are going to see some of the materials that use the most in favor of sustainability. Such materials may incorporate technology that improves their performance and sustainable value.


Wood is one of the most used components historically. It presents a minimal environmental impact in its production and life cycle, always making sure that it has a certified and sustainable origin.

Wood presents considerable benefits in aspects such as insulation, allowing savings in high percentages in heating and/or air conditioning.

Derivatives such as OSB wood, made up of large pressed wood shavings, make it possible to take advantage of the remains present, for example, in sawmills.

Undoubtedly, wood is a sustainable material that even saves time and money in construction, but it is essential that it comes from responsible felling where the replant trees.


Obtained from discarded paper, it works very well as insulation. These cellulose fibers usually obtain, for example, from newspapers that are reused and treated to obtain fire retardant, insecticidal and antifungal properties.

In a complementary way, the obtaining / production of this material is quite cheap.


It works very well as thermal or acoustic insulation. And obtained it directly from the bark of the trees, so it is not necessary to cut them down. Commonly, we arrange it in the form of panels.

Sheep Wool

It stands out for its insulating properties and, mainly, for how it behaves when faced with humidity. Its origin is completely natural and its production consumes less energy compared to other materials.

Baked Clay

It is a material obtained from clay heated at high temperatures to which apply natural treatments and that favor its properties.

It is a sustainable material due, among other aspects, to its easy recycling and the reuse of the waste produced in its production.


Perhaps we do not use to this material. But in other areas of the planet such as the tropics and the Asian area widely use it. It is resistant, ecological, and renewable and can use as a substitute for wood.

Its rapid growth gives rapid recovery to felled areas.

Natural Paints

It is essential that paints originate from natural sources and do not contain volatile organic compounds. The use of this type of paint has a positive impact on the environment, since they are biodegradable and favor the perspiration of the materials, and on the health of the people who carry out their activity in the rooms thanks to the lower expulsion of polluting substances.

The Keys To Sustainable Construction

To finish this section, it is important to emphasize some key aspects so that consider the sustainable materials.

Sustainable materials must have an impact on energy savings, reduction of pollution associated with said materials and the consequent improvement in the quality of life and health of the user. In turn, a sustainable material is one that is responsible for the environment. That is, that it is or can recycle, that it can be natural, that it does not contain toxic elements. And that in its life cycle it presents a reduction in the use of the resources.

Therefore, as keys to a material for sustainable construction we could establish:

Reduced Use of Natural Resources

Materials that reduce or eliminate pollutant emissions.

Can Reuse Materials

The goal is to ensure that sustainable construction has a lower impact on ecosystems and the environment and improves people’s quality of life and health.

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