Netflix Streaming Christmas Movies

Netflix Streaming Christmas Movies


At Christmas, the movies take center stage. You might say the same thing about other marketed holidays like Halloween or Valentine’s Day, but Christmas is the one that really delivers in terms of film production. Christmas Movies On Netflix has joined the cheesy tradition established by Hallmark and Lifetime with a whole genre of rom-coms based around the mistletoe season.

Are you overwhelmed by the seemingly constant stream of Christmas titles that all seem the same? Which is where I come in. A Jew who stays in bed throughout Christmas morning while everyone else gets up and celebrates with family and friends is the undisputed expert on holiday films. This is an once-in-a-lifetime chance for me to find out what makes a Prince’s Christmas, A Prince for Christmas and The Christmas Prince distinct from one another. How can you know which royal gift is really worthy of your time? Here are the best Christmas Movies On Netflix now available just in time for the holiday season.

The comeback of Lindsay Lohan and the appearance of Glee’s Chord Overstreet are both shown to viewers in Falling for Christmas. What have we done to merit becoming the center of attention on two separate occasions throughout the holiday season? After Lohan sustains a brain injury while skiing, Overstreet’s character, a bed and breakfast proprietor, takes care of her until her memory returns. Big shock she’s the heiress to the local fortune from the large ski resort. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the success of Falling for Christmas will inspire the studios to bring back the Parent Trap or Freaky Friday Christmas Movies On Netflix.

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Soak Up the Frost

This is aimed at young adults, which is unusual for Christmas Movies On Netflix but makes for a pleasant change of pace. Shameik Moore from Spider-Ma. Into the Spider-Verse and Isabela Merced from Dora and the Lost City of Gold star in the romantic comedy Let It Snow, which also offers plenty of laughs and cliched festive spirit.

Holidays in a Castle

Enough now with the young, naive couples who don’t understand the true meaning of Christmas. In A Castle for Christmas, Brooke Shields and Carl Elwes from The Princess Bride play two people on a quest to discover their family histories. Shields portrays a writer who, upon visiting her father’s home hamlet in Scotland, meets the prickly Duke Elwes who now owns the castle and in the end, captures her heart.

Constantly Going It Alone

We’ve obviously done something well as a culture if Jennifer Coolidge keeps showing up in our media. Single All the Way follows the typical patterns of a Netflix holiday rom-com, but it’s the first of its type to center a gay couple, so it’s a good starting step for movies that show positive representations of the LGBTQ community in relationships.

Installing a Fireplace at Your Residence

Certain skeptics could argue that an hour-long film of a fireplace isn’t a movie or that you’re really simply viewing a screensaver. If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to put your faith in your eyes. Although the Christmas Movies On Netflix originals Fireplace for Your Home and its ground-breaking sequel Birchwood Edition aren’t technically movies, they are undeniably among of the best seasonal offerings on the streaming service Christmas Movies On Netflix. It’s the ideal compromise when your holiday gathering is too loud for a movie and the family has been debating for hours over what to watch.

What a Robin

The British animation firm Aardman has created some really unforgettable works, like Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run. Even Robin Robin isn’t an exception. Having been raised by mice, a baby robin desperately seeks acceptance from her biological family in this holiday special Christmas Movies On Netflix. The new felt-adorned animation technique from Aardman is sure to put you in a good mood, and the short running duration of 30 minutes makes this an ideal film to watch with the kids before bed.

Short Story “A Boy Named Christmas”

As with other Santa Claus origin myths like Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, A Boy Called Christmas is a creative reimagining of how a young St. Nicholas came to realize his mission. Incredible spectacular effects complement a cast that includes Kristen Wiig, Henry Lawfull, Toby Jones and Sally Hawkins, making this a perfect choice for a family-friendly Christmas Movies On Netflix.

The Christmas on the Square with Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton’s Christmas on the Square isn’t watch for the sophisticated script. It’s a feel-good show, so you watch it. And to believe in something bigger than yourself and to listen to insane music on Christmas Movies On Netflix.

Jingle Bells: An Across-The-World Christmas Adventure

One of Christmas Movies On Netflix has all the makings of a great Christmas story, including a protagonist who has lost hope in the holiday, isolation, and ultimately a rediscovery of the joy of the season in the company of a long-lost relative. You get extra marks for avoiding the tired trope of retelling the same whitewashed Christmas story year

Knight before Christmas: A Christmas Story

What happens when a beautiful lady who has given up hope of ever meeting the one encounters a handsome guy who might persuade her otherwise? Honestly, I can’t believe it. Despite the cliche nature of the story, this film offers a unique take on the typical romantic comedy formula. Vanessa Hudgens plays an educator who is pursued by a medieval knight from the past.

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The Prince of Christmas

The success of this Christmas film on Netflix in 2017 is more evidence that sap is popular over the holidays. This admittedly awful film became an instant classic the moment it was release. Laughably, even Stephen Colbert confessed his fixation with the tale of an ambitious American journalist who travels to a made-up European hamlet to cover the royal family. Unexpectedly, she develops romantic feelings for the prince.

The Royal Wedding, A Christmas Prince

A second film set in the world of A Christmas Prince was release last year, after the unexpect success of the first film. We continue up the narrative a year later, when journalist Amber and her prince are finally being married of course, for Christmas. So, it’s the same thing, but with all the wedding and Christmas cliches added in. The collapsing economy serves as a story aspect and adds some startlingly serious complications to the mix.

Membership Plans Promo Code

Depending on your needs and preferences, you may choose from Christmas Movies On Netflix Basic, Standard, or Premium membership plans. The regular plan is the only one that lets you stream in high definition and has the added bonus of being able to watch Netflix on two screens at once, making it a perfect choice for couples. In contrast, accessing content in Premium mode enables breathtaking Ultra HD graphics and the extra convenience of watching on four displays at once, making it ideal for households with several viewers.

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