How to Hire the Right E-commerce Application Development Services?

How to Hire the Right E-commerce Application Development Services?

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Online shopping has reshaped global commerce, including wholesale and retail channels’ function. Considering the growth opportunities in this specific sector, appreneurs and capitalists are showing immense interest in investing in ecommerce application development services. If you, too, are here to find tips and tricks to find the right ecommerce developer in your budget, here are the 4 factors we recommend considering when making your hiring decisions.

Technical expertise

The first factor you need to consider when hiring an ecommerce developer is technical expertise. It includes a development background with mainstream technologies like Android, iOS, and Flutter, plus hands-on experience with emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things, and blockchain.

If you are hiring ecommerce application development services for an online shopping app that should be made from scratch, you need a team with experience in Android, iOS (maybe Flutter), and embedding machine learning. That’s because modern online shopping and retail apps send out personalized recommendations for lead generation – and that’s doable with AI and ML.

If you already have a basic online shopping app and want to scale with multiple online payment methods, customized POS, real-time delivery tracking, and advanced loyalty programs, you need someone with strong experience in API integration.

Location and time zone

Tech talent is distributed strategically in different parts of the world – but their local competition, market saturation, and taxes do reflect the overall hourly rates developers would offer you for ecommerce application development services.

Let’s take an example. Compare developers in the UK, with the same expertise and high hourly rates with developers from the USA, especially the ones in Houston and San Francisco. They offer competitive rates because the market is saturated in the regions. Similarly, if you consider hiring from regions like Ukraine, you can bring down your development costs much lower.

As per our experience, you need to strike the right balance between development quantity and the hourly development charges you are paying. And in that case, we recommend hiring from the USA because you don’t have to compromise on both.

Another factor that you need to consider is the time zone – while hiring from a different region does give you some considerations about language and cultural matters, working in the same time zone is also primary for effective communication and project management.


The third factor you need to examine when hiring ecommerce developers is their portfolio and previous projects they have worked on. Know that ecommerce applications have some specific features, like product listings and reviews, online payment and delivery tracking, loyalty programs, etc. More importantly, to make any shopping app successful, whether in the retail or wholesale landscape, you need to give your buyer the exact, in fact, better in-store shopping experience.

If your ecommerce developer has already worked on such apps, you can simply check their projects and examine the user experience. If you like the UI and UX, good. If not, you ideally know now what’s missing and what has to be there in your app.

Social proof

Another important factor you need to consider when making a hiring decision is considering the reviews, ratings, and testimonials of your developer that form their social proof, and endorse the quality and credibility of their work.

To check how credible their ecommerce application development services are, you need to search them on websites like Clutch. Also, go to their Google Business listings, and Facebook profiles. If they have received real professional endorsements, you have probably found your alpha team! More

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