How Coating Can Be More Beneficial For Custom Printed Box

How Coating Can Be More Beneficial For Custom Printed Box

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In today’s world, you can choose numerous customization options for your product packaging. You can add several elements to your custom printed boxes, from design to safety measures to elevate their appearance. One of which is coating. Packaging standards are very high in the market; keeping your brand up to date with all trends is essential. Many business owners skip lamination, which results in a wrong impression on the customers.

 What is the coating?

The coating is a post-printing technique that involves adding liquid layers to the finished product to alter its appearance and texture. Businesses can create unique custom boxes by combining certain coatings and laminates with extra features like gold or silver foil, embossing, or debossing. Coating and laminates boost the packaging’s strength and offer additional protection against manipulation, abrasion, and scratches. These are one of the many finishing techniques available in the market today:

UV coating

Ultra-violet (UV) coating covers printed boxes and is dried using UV light. It would be ideal if your custom printed boxes wholesale need additional resistance against environmental elements like humidity or sunlight.

Matte lamination

Matte lamination gives a shine-free and elegant look to your packaging. The silky texture and velvety matte finish also contribute to this. Both scuff-proof matte and soft-touch matte finishes are available in the market.

Gloss lamination

In gloss lamination, a film is put on custom printed boxes after printing. The surface is exceptionally smooth and sparkly, which makes the colors pop. The texture looks glossy and highly smooth. Thanks to gloss coating, the box becomes thicker and more robust.

All these laminations support additional features like foil stamping, embossing, debossing, or spot glass coating. You can choose from various options depending on your product type and the brand aesthetic you are trying to achieve. You might think of these finishing techniques as an additional step to your customization process, but let us tell you why a layer is important and different reasons why it can benefit you as a brand:

It enhances the visual appeal of custom printed boxes.

The importance of presentation is evident to all business owners. Customers get more enticed by the looks than the product itself. Finishing techniques help you to get the attention of your customers. Once they spot your product with a glossy finish on the shelves of a store, it would be like it is calling out their name. A matte finish will give an exquisite finish which will make them classy. Many people are looking for out-of-the-ordinary packaging, and these details make them come back to you.

It changes the feel of the packaging.

Mostly in premium packaging, a coating is a must. Its importance is because it provides an overall pleasant experience to the packaging experience. Boxes need to look and feel suitable for products like shoes, accessories, and food, which can be used as gifts. Coating provides a smooth touch to  custom bottle neckers by reducing the roughness of the surface. It shows the customers that the brands care about their pleasure. If they like their quality, the buyers may reuse the packaging for other purposes rather than just being thrown it away.

It protects the boxes from external factors.

Increasing the package’s durability is another advantage of using a coating. It’s crucial to design a product that can resist human contact and keep its shape while going through the printing process, moving between processing facilities, getting on a vehicle, and then, hopefully, landing on a store shelf or the customer’s doorstep.

It also protects boxes from their contents.

Coatings shield the package from its contents as well as its contents from the environment. Any package’s main objective is to safeguard its contents. Coatings help prevent the movement of oxygen, humidity, and moisture through the box. On the other hand, some coatings protect the packaging from being harmed by water, oil, and grease from contents being packaged. Custom printed boxes wholesale used for food and beverages need special care because they are likely to damage their packaging. When properly incorporated into the package design, these protective coatings can significantly prolong the shelf life or usage of the product.

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