From joggers to Runners, you will Benefit a lot after Watching

From joggers to Runners, you will Benefit a lot after Watching

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I want to run faster, what should I do? To increase your pace, you need a more thorough training program.

Start As Follows

  1. You’ve been exercising for a while and have good fitness and stamina, and you’ve decided it’s time to increase your speed. The way to start is to gradually increase your physical activity. Small changes can make your body more challenging.
  2. To start, increase the number of runs, then distance, and finally intensity. Make sure you don’t add all three at a time. – There is a risk of injury. Diversify your workouts; try new routes and time periods. New stimuli and scene changes make your workout fun and improve your performance.
  3. This is an intense workout, so you’ll need to refuel and recover at least 48 hours after each exercise. As your workout progresses, you’ll find a new level of speed and endurance—and before long you’ll find your new comfortable pace much faster.

Do women need to exercise harder?

Men and women respond equally to exercise. Women’s body fat percentage, which is usually 20, does not compare favorably with men’s 11. More fat reserves are “dead meat” that requires extra energy to drive, so make running harder.

Running with the heel or the forefoot or the full palm?

It depends on a number of factors: the runner’s weight, height, foot length and landing pattern; ground, route and pace. But we recommend adjusting your running posture according to the situation. Uphill you should use the forefoot to give you grip and propulsion, but downhill use the full palm for stability. If you want to run efficiently over long distances, the heel run is recommended. If you need a lot of extra power, the forefoot is recommended.

Do I really need a day off?

Training principle advice: A full day of rest will give your movement a boost. It also gives you mental rest. So we recommend taking a complete rest once a week. Ideally after your long run, but any time you feel empty from running or tired and sad, relax.Sports Direct Discount Code NHS

Are high-altitude workouts just for professional athletes?

In fact, any runner can benefit from it. At higher altitudes, more oxygen is delivered to the muscles, resulting in shorter recovery times and better fat metabolism. You need to get used to the intensity of your workout at the altitude.

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Recommendations for the correct jogging running posture

Your running form for a marathon is very important because you’re going to be running more than 42 kilometers all the way, not 4.2 kilometers. Here is a summary of the running postures summarized in the teaching by running coach Bill Bowerman at the University of Oregon in the United States.


How the feet land

Some people think that you should land with your forefoot while running, while others think you should land with your heels. We recommend touching the ground with the middle part first. Research shows that a good long-distance runner usually hits the ground midfoot. The jogger hits the ground with midfoot and heel, and the fast runner hits the ground ahead of the jogger. We believe that only sprinters and sprinters are suitable for front foot landing. There may be exceptions for some people, but midfoot is a good way for beginner to intermediate runners. This reduces vibration and relieves stress on your calf muscles and tendons while preparing you for the next step.Foot Locker UK Discount Code 

Hip And Head Posture

It’s hard to imagine: where is your hip position when your feet hit the ground? Some people suggest that when you land, your feet should be at the end of your center of gravity, where your head, hips, and feet are in line at three o’clock. Keep your head straight and straight, and look straight ahead. Special care is required when turning the head, usually from the upper part of the neck, to avoid twisting the body and avoid instability when traveling.

Arm Posture

This position is when you’re not using a jogging stroller, but instead swinging your arms. First and foremost, don’t stiffen your arms, clench your fists, and bend your elbows fully. Stay relaxed. Bend your arms naturally above your waistline, not too high or too low. Swing the two arms back and forth alternately, causing the legs to move in opposite directions accordingly. Sprinters run their arms completely back and forth when running on the track, and many long-distance runners swing slightly in an arc, but good runners don’t put effort into swinging their arms. In other words, don’t swing your arms violently. Check out 90s fashion men’s

Step Size

The biggest problem with many long-distance runners is that the stride is too large. Never do this, it will cause a lot of injuries including foot tendon, **iliotibial band pain and iliopsoas pain.

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