Entertainment News and the Critic

Entertainment News and the Critic


Online and print editions feature reviews written by critics. These can be film reviews for a movie which has been released at the theater closest to your home. It could also be songs reviews of an album slowly moving into the charts. Critics have been ridiculed by artists for many centuries. Many artists dismiss critics as being on the margins with the belief that they’ve picked criticism simply because they’re not in a position to make art for themselves. But this is not completely free of fallacies. Critics perform their jobs and their job serves an objective.

The principal function of a critic is to spread the good taste of viewers and the public. The entertainment news sites are their media. Top News Review Because a substantial portion of people visit these sites for entertainment news they can connect with many more people to share their thoughts and opinions about various issues. Film reviews that they write inform the viewers what to be expecting from the movie. They will tell you whether the movie ticket worth the money or not. I’m not suggesting that you take their word as gospel reality, but when experienced critics speak out they have a motive behind their decision.

In the realm of music the critics have a role to play. Music reviews educate and inform people about the current trends in contemporary music. As a snob in the field of music and the performing arts the writer is able to incorporate his knowledge of music when writing music reviews. The opinions of the critic is crucial for reviews of music since the critic is aware of the various styles of music, such as Eastern, Western, jazz blues, reggae, or blues. The critic shares his knowledge via the pages of entertainment news. The readers of these columns will gain from only the knowledge from the writer.

The critics have significant influence over the business aspects that is the business of film. The people who go to the theaters mostly on the basis of what the opinion of movie reviews. They usually go to theaters with an idea in mind based on reading the critic’s view. This is also true the reviews of music. Album sales feel the effects of a reviewer’s analysis. And if the critic is an authority or comes from an established publication, the effect is more profound. Music reviews are also crucial connections to understand the flow and direction that contemporary music is moving.

After all this I’m not saying the critic always is right in his evaluation. There are many examples of movies that critics have criticized in movie reviews, but they’ve also become blockbusters. Certain films, which critics have praised as cinematic masterpieces, failed to attract a crowd. The person who is watching or listening when it comes to reviews of music is the sole critic. The critics who write for entertainment news publications cannot only be described as guides. They draw attention to certain elements and the reader must decide if they agree with the views of the critics in these aspects. more

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