Cost Of Living In Maine Right Price To Stay Right Here?

Cost Of Living In Maine Right Price To Stay Right Here?

Maine is a exquisite location to settle in with its stunning ocean views, scrumptious lobster, and fabulous fall foliage. You’ll love exploring the adorable vintage stores which can be taken into consideration to be a number of the pleasant inside the country. Maine has the bottom crime price of any kingdom, so that you’ll feel secure there. The handiest real downside to the Pine Tree State is that it is the sixth most high-priced area to live within the u . S . A ..

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Although the price of residing in Maine is better than the country wide common, it is nevertheless one of the cheapest states in New England. So if you love old fashioned coastal towns but can not manage to pay for Massachusetts or Connecticut, Maine can be an first rate choice for you.

To help you decide whether or not moving to Maine is the proper monetary decision, here’s an overview of the cost of living.


Although the general price of living in Maine is high, housing is pretty less expensive. Homes promote for a median of $236,000, which is about $35,000 less than the American average.

However, accommodation costs can vary widely depending on which a part of Maine making a decision to settle in. Housing expenses in Portland are nearly two times the national average, with a modest domestic fee of $475,000. Falmouth, that’s just north of Portland, is even more luxurious. Homes fee a median of $675,000.

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If you are inclined to stay out of town, your housing costs will drop substantially. Bath is about 35 minutes from Portland and has houses available for $250,000. Homes in Sanford also are affordable and cost a touch less than the countrywide common at $260,000.


Due to the lengthy, cold winters, Maine has the tenth maximum software prices inside the united states of america. You can count on to pay approximately $464.Forty five per month for gasoline, water, electricity, Internet, and cable, which is ready $forty two.37 greater than the USA average.


Maine citizens have the 1/3 maximum grocery bill in the united states. The common single character spends $4,115 yearly on groceries, which is ready $1,500 greater than the American average.

If you want to attempt Maine’s well-known lobster roll, you’ll must spend some cash to consume out. The average meal at a quick casual eating place charges $15, while a meal for two at a mid-range eatery charges $60. Mainers spend $2,932 yearly on eating out, bringing their overall annual meal price to $7,047.

Health Care

Mainers spent $five,860 in keeping with man or woman on healthcare in 2018. This is about $1,000 extra than the national average. Here’s in which that money went:

$1,156 on patient offerings

$2,070 on outpatient services

$1,017 on prescribed drugs

$1,617 on methods

However, your overall clinical fees might also range depending on in which you live. For instance, the average fee of gallbladder elimination surgical operation in Rockport, Maine is $10,257. In Presque Isle, which is only four hours away, the value of the system is nearly double. That’s why it is important to ask about the fee of inpatient services ahead of time and store round for non-pressing medical techniques to locate the pleasant rate.


Overall, Maine is an less costly vicinity to keep a automobile. It is the cheapest kingdom for car coverage, costing simply $862 annually. Maine also has an average automobile sales tax of $2,104.

However, you will pay slightly greater than the country wide average for gas and automobile belongings taxes, which cost $1,234 and $918 per year, respectively. You also need to bear in mind upkeep and repair expenses, which fee an average of $354 according to yr, as well as identify and registration expenses, which might be $35 each.

In total, you can anticipate to spend approximately $13,192 in your automobile inside the first yr of ownership after accounting for depreciation.


Maine is likewise extra high priced with taxes. The effective nation and neighborhood tax price is eleven.81%, which is nine.33% higher than the national common. Mainers spend a complete of $6,792 in step with year on taxes, of which $2,585 goes to belongings taxes.

Residents pay income tax at a fee of 6.5% on earnings between $five,2 hundred and $20,899 and at a rate of 7.Ninety five% on earnings of $20,900 or greater.

In addition, Maine fees a fashionable income tax of five.5%. But keep in mind that you’ll pay a higher tax rate of eight% on organized foods and 10% on quick-time period vehicle leases.


Miscellaneous costs include such things as cleaning materials, non-public care merchandise and garb. According to MIT, if you’re a unmarried character, you’ll need to budget at least $three,078 in keeping with yr for miscellaneous prices. The common own family of 4 spends appreciably more—about $6,665 yearly.

If you have got a 4-legged member of the family, you may also want to consist of the fee of the vet and canine food in your budget. Mainers spend approximately $90 according to month on their pets each month, which is about $forty less than the countrywide common.

A vet visit prices only $55, even in one of the extra high priced cities, Portland. You might not must spend plenty on toys to maintain your doggy entertained because there are such a lot of lovely hiking trails discover collectively inside the Pine Tree State.

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