Cooking equipment and supplies for truck drivers

Cooking equipment and supplies for truck drivers

Do you cook on the go or rely on gas stations, truck stops, and fast food? Everyone, at some point in their career, has sinned with improper eating. Not only does it undermine your budget, but it can also cause serious damage to your health. HMD Trucking recommends you to make a little advance planning and buy the right equipment that can help you cook safely on the road, get more energy out of your food and leave some money in your pocket.

Portable Cooker

Need a convenient way to heat up your meals while on the go? Consider investing in a portable stove! This handy device is incredibly small and capable of reaching up to 300 degrees. Whether it’s heating up canned goods or cooking up frozen meals, you can have a hot, satisfying meal in no time. Simply turn it on before your departure and you’ll be sure to find a fully cooked meal awaiting you when you stop for a break.

Microwave oven

If you’re looking for something else to suit your needs more, a microwave can be a great alternative to a portable stove. Trucks with inverters in them can usually power microwaves up to 800 watts without any issues. Plus, you can maximize the available space in the cab of your truck by choosing a more compact and lightweight option.

Pressure cooker

For years, homemakers have loved their slow cookers and now, truckers can enjoy the same convenience. Nowadays, there are various models of slow cookers created for truck drivers, especially those equipped with power outlets. So, if you’re a trucker, make sure to buy a model that has a corded lid and a consistent power source. Simply prepare your meal in the morning while you’re getting on the road, set it to low and you’ll have your delicious dinner ready once you reach your destination.

Electric Skillet

Electric skillets with a lid are a great companion on the road. You can find units in bigger sizes if you plan to cook for more than one, but if you are alone, go for a more compact size instead. These skillets provide even heat distribution so you can enjoy various meals, such as meat, quesadillas, and any other food traditionally prepared on the stovetop.

Hot Pot

The thermal pot is especially useful for when you’re heading off on winter getaways or taking a trip to cooler climates. It heats all your drinks and liquid foods with ease, so you don’t have to worry about going hungry or thirsty for the duration of your trip. While ramen and noodle soup may not be the most nutritious meals out there, it cooks up quickly and easily and is still much better than the greasy, unhealthy fast food option. If you’re a hardy coffee drinker like myself, a hot coffee pot will help keep you alert and energized throughout your expedition.


Having a reliable refrigerator/freezer in your truck is absolutely essential for any long-distance traveler. Not only does it occupy minimal space, but it will save you from countless pit stops for cold beverages and bottles of water. Additionally, you can stock up your freezer with delicious items like frozen vegetables or those yummy smoothie packs. Anytime you need a refreshing snack, it’s right there waiting for you!


If you have enough room in your truck, you may want to consider bringing a blender with you. A blender is a great way to make a delicious breakfast smoothie to start the day right before you hit the open road. To save precious space, why not invest in a single-serve blender with a travel mug? This type of blender is specially designed to combine ingredients, unscrew the base, and then fit as an easy-to-carry travel cup without having to use any dishes or other utensils. Just make sure to stock up on smoothie ingredients before you leave and you’ll always have a breakfast smoothie ready!

Planning ahead

Prior to embarking on your journey, it’s imperative to plan ahead and consider the volume of equipment you aim to keep stored in your vehicle. Developing a meal plan for the days leading up to your departure and purchasing all of the necessary ingredients at the grocery store can be an economically savvy solution, while fully guaranteeing that you have the essential items. Furthermore, you should strive to neatly arrange your truck’s interior to optimize the available space. As time passes, and as you continue to experience the intricacies of cooking on the road, you are sure to come up with your own set of recommendations that will help make your upcoming trips easier and more enjoyable.


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