Can laser hair removal work for beards?

Can laser hair removal work for beards?

Shaving the beard area is undoubtedly the most detested daily ritual for men. They are sick of shaving the same spots every morning and believe it is a waste of time. However, it is necessary for presenting a well-groomed, appealing presence in the workplace as well as socially. Men can utilize beard laser hair removal in Dubai to get rid of razor burns, avoid the hassle of shaving, and shape their beards to their preference.

Beard hair removal in Dubai is increasingly becoming popular among men.  The technique is not only incredibly successful, but it is also a reasonably inexpensive and painless procedure with long-lasting results. If you too are suffering from pesky ingrown hair, and looking for a permanent beard line solution, then this quick 5-minute read is worthy of your precious time.

Why one should consider beard laser hair removal in Dubai?

There are many good reasons to consider beard laser hair removal, such as:

  • Easy Maintenance

While not every man is interested in removing every single hair from a densely populated beard, such treatments can be utilized to shape facial hair. This is especially useful for men who want to have a beard or two- or three-day scruff, but want to make it easier to manage.

  • Get rid of ingrown hair

Ingrown hairs are a common problem for men who shave frequently. This can cause ‘Folliculitis’, an infection of the hair follicle, or severe skin damage. Laser hair removal for beards with light or dark complexion will effectively prevent this reoccurring issue.

  • Gives you a more polished look

Beard shaping can include shaving only the hair on the neck or drawing distinct lines on the top areas of the beard. Some men, for example, have the treatment so that they can always have their beards in the style they like, such as a goatee. They no longer have to shave around particular portions of their faces every day. Laser hair removal sculpting the beard gives a neater beard line and a more finished appearance.

How effective is the beard laser hair removal treatment?

An intense beam of light is applied to the treated area during laser hair removal. This light will harm the hair follicles and prevent them from growing again. Because hair follicles respond to treatment only when they are actively growing, laser hair removal is most effective after a few sessions. All skin tones and hair types can benefit from laser hair removal innovative technology.

At Reveal Medical Center, we employ the latest technology like Candela GentleMax Pro and Candela ND: Yag lasers, and decide the laser type according to the type of skin. These lasers are among the best on the market, and they are highly effective in treating all skin types and tones. They are FDA approved and can permanently remove unwanted hair. With these lasers, clients can expect a 10-30% permanent reduction in hair growth after the first session.

Essential factors to consider to get the best results for beard laser hair removal in Dubai

  • It requires multiple sessions

Remember, laser hair removal isn’t a one-time procedure.  To get the best results out of laser hair removal in Dubai, you will be needed, more than one session. The majority of men usually need three to six treatments spaced out over several months.

A candidate is supposed to come back for your subsequent session after a month, which is the length of time that the typical hair growth cycle takes to regenerate. This cycle of monthly intervals will continue until all of the hair follicles are destroyed.

  • Don’t wax or pluck your hair before the session

To get the best results, it is suggested to bring freshly shaved skin to your appointment because your doctor will require a visual to locate the hair’s base. Also, avoid direct sun exposure for two days before your appointment to avoid getting sunburned or becoming overly sensitive to the lasers.

  • Avoid chemicals sun and skin interaction

Another essential condition to get the desired results from laser hair removal sessions in Dubai is to take the necessary precautions, prescribed by your dermatologist. In the days following your laser hair removal, avoid the sun, tanning chemicals, and intense heat. During this time, you want to allow the skin to recover without interference from heat, sweat, or overly perfumed or chemical-powered skincare products. Make sure your skin is well-ventilated, and if possible, try to stay in a temperature-controlled room while taking lukewarm or cool showers and using gentle cleansers.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, laser hair removal is equally effective for beards, but make sure to get it from a certified technician and clinic. By skipping future shaving sessions, you can finally start each day with a clean, fresh face and neck. After getting laser hair removal from Reveal Medical Center, ingrown hairs and razor cuts will be a thing of the past. Our lasers and procedures are effective enough to eliminate coarse hair, yet delicate enough to be applied to the face without causing burns or scarring.

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