Can I Have Teeth Whitening Done if I Have Crowns?

Can I Have Teeth Whitening Done if I Have Crowns?

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Teeth Whitening with Crowns/ Capped Teeth

Crowns are a fantastic method to protect damaged and rotting teeth. However, crowns are not formed of the same materials as natural teeth and cannot be whitened using the same method. The teeth are naturally made of four distinct tissues. Hence, the major concern for most of the patients is whether there is a way to tooth-paint their crowns to get some white shade across the teeth.

Understanding the concept of teeth whitening with Crowns

Deciding to acquire a crown or not might be greatly aided by seeing a Dentist. If a patient chooses to receive a crown, a 3D impression of the tooth will be generated, and a cap will be created to fit over the top of the tooth. The cap is then bonded to the neighbouring teeth. A crown can easily last up to seven years. Orthodontics always ensures that the porcelain crown matches the patient’s genuine natural teeth in terms of colour. The crown may, however, may look whiter than the teeth around it if the discolouration on natural teeth gradually progresses and they begin to turn yellow. This synthetic treatment won’t tarnish and will stay white for a long time. There are alot of dental practices working in St Helens You can just search on Google St helens dental practice and Book Your appointment for teeth whitening treatment. Alverna House is one of the best dental practice in St Helens You can book your appointment with Alverna House Dental Practice.

Will bleach my teeth damage my dental crown?

Many patients already have dental crowns, either for teeth damaged in an accident or for teeth that need to be treated due to decay or infection.

Despite that, teeth whitening is the most demanded cosmetic treatment because it is incredibly quick, non-invasive and inexpensive. It will not damage your dental crown and will clean it properly. 

The brightening colour of the crown sometimes makes the patients hesitant to show their smiles. Yellow-coloured teeth, discoloured teeth, or a dingy smile are side effects of dark-coloured foods, smoking, and the natural ageing process. Hence, professional teeth paint for crowns lightens your natural teeth just enough to match your dental crown.

Making Your Crowns Whiter

There are three types of tooth paint for crowns.

Polishing and pasting:

Various toothpaste and whitening solutions contain abrasive ingredients for cleaning purposes. They function similarly to skin exfoliating products. These solutions assist in removing minor stains from eating and drinking, but they do not whiten teeth or change the colour of tooth enamel. This makes the crown appear whiter and cleaner once surface stains have been removed. However, do you know about the condition of teeth whitening with fillings? Just like crowns, fillings are also unaffected by teeth whitening procedures. This is because the fillings are made of resin material which is not affected by any teeth-whitening agent.

Over-the-counter Whitening Products

Numerous whitening products are available in nearby pharmacy shops. Most function by bleaching the enamel’s surface and contain a whitening ingredient like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These bleaching compounds are available in several tooth paint products like gels, as well as in whitening toothpaste, strips, or trays. Since they may be obtained over the counter and used at home, there is no need for teeth whitening dentists. If used consistently over time, you ought to be able to whiten your teeth by a few shades.

Clinics-Based Treatment:

Teeth whitening clinics in ST Helens offer professional procedures for patients who seek a more dramatic change in their tooth colour. The dentist will explain the best course of action and recommend the most secure teeth whitening method to the patient.

In order to whiten teeth, dentists typically employ a harsher bleaching solution that is unavailable in stores. Until the desired colour is achieved, the dentists will attempt to match our teeth’ colour to the crown’s shade. Some patients only require one treatment to achieve the desired colour. 

Teeth Whitening with Alverna House 

Monitoring your dental health is crucial for the overall wellness of your body. It is advisable to schedule dental appointments at one of the best teeth whitening clinics in St Helens and examine your teeth and gums for any possible problems before getting a tooth whitening. 

The dentists at Alverna House will give you the best consultation regarding teeth whitening so you can maintain the brightness of your natural teeth with crowns. They will redesign the new crowns to match the aesthetics of the patients’ neighbouring teeth and clean the natural teeth to create an even shade across them.

Are you still concerned about teeth whitening or how certain procedures will affect your dental crown? Contact Alverna House Clinic; they will love to guide you regarding all your dental inquiries.  In case of Any Confusion or query, You can contact the composite bonding teeth dentist in St Helens.


Can I get teeth whitening even if I have crowns and fillings?

Yes, Teeth whitening is safe to apply and can be done alone at home. The whitening agent is safe and doesn’t impact crowns or fillings.

What causes stains on crowns?

Acidic foods like tomatoes, drinks, and smoking cause stains on crowns. However, the dirt and stains can be removed with brushing, flossing, and tooth paint for crowns.

Can crowns turn yellow even if I am taking all precautions?

Crowns do not tend to turn yellow, but it can happen in certain cases such as:

1-     Crowns glaze is damaged during adjustments or dental cleaning

2-     Crowns are not ceramic  

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