Bukukas 50m Series Review on Shutechcrunch

Bukukas 50m Series Review on Shutechcrunch

During a recent shutechcrunch interview, a representative from bukukas 50m seriesshutechcrunch spoke with us about their new bookkeeping software and how it is revolutionizing the way businesses do business. The app features an end-to-end software stack that lets users manage all aspects of their bookkeeping, including accounts receivable, accounts payable, and more. It also gives them the ability to access all of their information in a single location, from anywhere, on any device. This is a great option for small business owners who want to get the most out of their bookkeeping.


Bukukas 50M Seriesshutechcrunch


Digital bookkeeping app

A digital bookkeeping app isn’t a new thing, but it’s not a bad idea to look at one in the context of your business. With the help of a suitable app, your small business could take the next step in the digital age. For example, your business might need to handle a few multi-currency transactions bukukas 50m seriesshutechcrunch. If you can’t handle the task, an automated app is the solution. In fact, the best ones offer a free trial or a free month of service before you pay for the whole shebang. By choosing the right app, your business will be on its way to financial stability in no time.

While BukuKas isn’t the first, the company certainly isn’t the last. From its e-commerce platform to its inventory management suite, the company is staking a claim in the digital space. Among other feats, the company boasts a user base of more than 3 million monthly active users. The most successful users are found across all industry sectors, from retail and electronics to construction and medical services. Interestingly, the company is expanding beyond Indonesia’s borders to serve more than 20 million MSMEs by 2022. Some of the team members come from the likes of Lazada, Amazon, and eBay. As such, the company has tapped into the requisite startup capital to build out its engineering and development teams. Among the company’s top-tier products is its bespoke BukuKasPay e-commerce platform.

New type of online book club

Bukukas 50m Series is a new type of online book club that lets you join discussion forums and enjoy a variety of books. It also offers members exclusive discounts on book purchases. Unlike other book clubs, you can read your favorite authors in an entirely new way.

You don’t have to be a member to join the Bukukas 50m Series. Just download the app, and you’re all set. Once you’re signed up, you can browse a selection of popular new releases, or you can sign up for a free subscription to their newsletter. Whenever a new book comes out, the app will notify you about it.

Online book clubs have become a staple in the reading community. This allows people who may be too busy or unable to make it to a physical book club to join in. Aside from helping you discover new and exciting books, online book clubs can be an excellent way to meet other like-minded bibliophiles.

Some book clubs are regional. Other clubs have no geographical limit. One example is Reese Witherspoon’s virtual book club. In addition to offering two monthly reads, the club hosts online events. Another option is the NYPL/WNYC Book Club, which features a different book each month. These events are often hosted by librarians.

Goodreads is another great place to find book recommendations. The community is a free and open source platform. Users can post blogs, create groups, and participate in discussions. They also offer giveaways and promo threads for their authors.

Another good community for reading is Now Read This. They have discussions and Q&As with authors. Their titles range from sci-fi and must-read memoirs, to contemporary and historical fiction. Also, they’re very easy to join. Members can sign up for a free account and start participating in discussions.

OKHA (Other Knows & Hears) is a community of queer + Black writers and readers. This online book club was founded in response to a lack of literature by Black and queer authors. Besides creating a space for Black existence, they also focus on African, Caribbean, and Afro-Latinx writing. If you’re a fan of reading and a lover of queer fiction, check out OKHA.

A lot of people love to read, but not many people love to share their reading experience. But with an online book club, you can read your favorite book without any hassle. There are no membership requirements, and you can join in on discussions, and get a reminder about the next book you should read.

Whether you’re an introvert or someone who loves to interact with other people, there is a book club for you. Joining an online book club is a fun way to explore a whole new world of books, and it can even provide you with a little extra incentive to finish a book.

End-to-end software stack

The technology stack is a set of tools, processes, and technologies used to support an application’s delivery. It includes software, hardware, networking, data, and storage. Unlike the solutions stack, which describes a subset of the entire stack, the technology stack is a more general term.

A software stack is a collection of tools, databases, and frameworks that interact with each other to efficiently deliver an application service to the end user. This can be a single component or a whole stack that includes on-premises resources, cloud providers, and third-party providers. Some software stacks incorporate the functionality of several different components, such as a presentation layer, an e-commerce platform, and a payment solution.

One company that is attempting to make this transition is BukuKas, a digital bookkeeping app launched in December 2019. In July, Bukukas 50m seriesshutechcrunch announced a $10 million Series A led by Sequoia Capital India and Taavet Hinrikus from TransferWise. With the funding, BukuKas will be able to hire engineering teams in Jakarta and launch new services for merchants. Earlier this year, the company added e-commerce, payment, and inventory management features.

BukuKas is one of the few startups in Indonesia that has tapped into the power of big data to better serve small and medium-sized businesses. Its customers include electronics stores, fashion retailers, and service providers. BukuKas offers invoicing, credit sales, and inventory management, and has been able to help the country’s small business community get rid of pen and paper cashbooks. As a result, it claims that its annualized bookkeeping transaction volume is more than $25.9 billion, making it the market leader in the category.

Choosing the right software stack for your company involves a bit of research and a good deal of trial and error. While some solutions are easier to implement and more scalable, others require more ongoing maintenance. Companies should also invest in tools that can scale, as well as those that provide the best value for their dollar. Many developers rely on public cloud service providers, such as Amazon Web Services, to provide the necessary computing power.

In the end, though, it all comes down to what your organization needs. Whether you’re a startup or an established enterprise, you should start with the tools that will scale to meet your needs and give you the flexibility to add more as your business grows. You might want to consider investing in a utility that can handle spikes in demand or provide a low-cost price tier, which will let you pay for capacity as you need it. Another thing to consider is whether you need a solution that is fully hosted or can be managed in-house.


BukuKas’s success is a testament to the company’s focus on the user and their needs. Its goal is to become the backbone of the finances of MSMEs, offering them access to financial services and real-time profit visibility. By offering these benefits, Bukukas 50m seriesshutechcrunch is helping Indonesia’s small business community thrive, Read more.


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