Bluecore 125M Georgian 1bmillertechcrunch
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Bluecore 125M Georgian 1bmillertechcrunch

Bluecore 125M georgian 1bmillertechcrunch is one of the leading eCommerce analytics and marketing software for small and midsize retailers and their digital commerce efforts. It enables retailers to measure and improve key e-commerce KPIs like customer engagement, conversion rate, and product discovery. In addition, Bluecore offers a range of services to help small and midsize retailers grow their digital presence, including omnichannel marketing, email marketing, and digital marketing strategy.


Bluecore 125M georgian 1bmillertechcrunch


About Bluecore

Bluecore is an e-commerce personalization platform that uses artificial intelligence to transform casual shoppers into lifetime customers. It works across digital channels, Bluecore 125M georgian 1bmillertechcrunch including search, social, and paid media. Using first-party data, it acts on a variety of shopper signals to predict the most effective shopper experience.

Bluecore helps hundreds of enterprise-grade retailers. These include Gap, Nike, CVS Pharmacy, and Tommy Hilfiger. For these brands, it has helped to grow revenue three times. This company is perfect for companies that want to expand their reach.

The Bluecore solution has a built-in shopper matching technology, and patented product matching. In addition, Bluecore has a unique predictive modeling capability to target new customer segments on paid media.

Bluecore’s product portfolio includes a scalable and secure protocol, as well as geospatial data. These features allow for fast and easy transaction processing.

Bluecore has also built a decentralized application platform. This platform allows developers to build modular applications that are easily scalable.

Bluecore has more than 150 customers worldwide and is constantly improving its products and services. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, and its offices are in Barcelona and London.

Today, the company has more than 300 employees. And it plans to add more than four hundred by the end of the year.

Its total funding comes to more than $225 million. Its Series E round of funding included existing investors Georgian, FirstMark, Norwest, and Silver Lake Waterman.

Bluecore focuses on key e-commerce KPIs, including conversion rates, purchase frequency, and customer lifetime value. The company is also investing in AI and analytics. With the help of this new funding, Bluecore can accelerate its e-commerce product development.

Essential e-commerce KPIs it helps retailers achieve

E-commerce KPIs are important because they can help retailers monitor the performance of their business. They provide insights that can help them increase customer retention, sales, and repeat purchases. Whether you’re an e-commerce merchant or just starting your online store, knowing the KPIs that can help you grow your business will be important.

One of the first KPIs that you can start tracking is conversion rate. This is the percentage of visitors who make a purchase from your site. If your conversion rate is low, a lot of your traffic is not making a purchase.

Another KPI is the average order value. This gives you an idea of how much customers are spending for each item they buy. You can use it to segment your customers into different revenue groups.

Using KPIs is important for measuring your overall success, but you need to choose the ones that will give you the most actionable insights. There is a wide variety of e-commerce KPIs to choose from. Some are specific to a certain goal, such as sales volume bluecore 125M georgian 1bmillertechcrunch, while others will be more general and applicable to all goals.

The number of visitors to your site is another important eCommerce KPI. You can track your total number of sales by day, week, and month. It can also tell you if you are losing sales because of stockouts.

The number of users who have engaged with your social media channels is another e-commerce KPI that can help you see how many users are coming to your website. You can segment these numbers by acquisition sources, landing pages, or devices.

Cart abandonment rates are another e-commerce KPI that can tell you how much of your site’s potential is lost during the checkout process. These rates can vary between industries, but they can be used to optimize the layout of your website.


During the past year, Bluecore accumulated an impressive $125 million in investment. That amount was enough to bring the company’s valuation up to one billion dollars. With its 125 million series E funding, the NYC-based company plans to use its new cash infusion to develop and test its e-commerce products.

Bluecore is an e-commerce personalization platform that has been lauded as one of the most exciting tech companies of the year. The platform has been designed to help retailers turn casual shoppers into lifelong customers. It’s a new way to do retail marketing.

Bluecore uses predictive intelligence to transform the retailer-shopper interaction. To date, the company has helped hundreds of retailers. Some of its most notable partners include Nike, Gap, CVS Pharmacy, and Tommy Hilfiger.

For online retailers, Bluecore is a boon. It provides them with a powerful, easy-to-use the platform to build and manage their online communications. In addition, it offers fast transactions and strong security features.

Compared to the large marketing clouds of old, Bluecore is a welcome change. This is because it enables enterprises to operate their communications through a single interface.

As part of its 125 million Series E round, Bluecore was able to secure investments from several investors. The Series E round was led by Georgian Investments, along with Silver Lake Waterman and FirstMark. Other key players include Andreessen Horowitz, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, and Index Ventures.

Bluecore has also announced a new shared-success pricing model. This will allow the most advanced customers to make smarter merchandising and supply chain logistics decisions.


While the company has been around since 2011, the $125 million Series E funding round is the latest in a series of rounds that Bluecore has secured. The company plans to hire more than 400 people by the end of the year bluecore 125M georgian 1bmillertechcrunch.

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