What Are Different Protection Levels for All Kinds of UPS’s
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What Are Different Protection Levels for All Kinds of UPS’s

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We use UPSs (Uninterruptible Power Supplies – UPS) to protect sensitive digital equipment from voltage fluctuations and power outages. UPSs have three UPS Protection Levels that group them according to the voltage level that needs to protected. We offer best Uninterruptible Power Supplies to maintain UPS Protection Levels at APC distributor in Pakistan.

UPS Classification:

  • Offline UPS / Basic
  • Interactive / Optimal
  • UPS Online / Advanced

All three of these ratings perform the same function: provide backup power to safely shut down systems. The level of support and protection is what varies, knowing the three levels helps us to know which one is ideal for us.

UPS Protection Levels

Next, we will explain the main characteristics between the protection levels of UPS Offline – Basic, Interactive – Optimum and Online – Advanced for UPS Protection Levels.

Offline UPS / Basic

They use cheaper technology than online and this is the main reason most people opt for them. Let us imagine that these UPS are like the water tank you have at home, it is stored water that we use to wash dishes or do the cleaning, without any type of filter.

When the offline UPS receives electrical power from our electrical system, sends it directly to the electronic equipment that we have connected, but when there is a lack of power (power cut). At that time the output element of the UPS (inverter) changes the output of current to the batteries to be able to continue feeding our technology. A process that can take a few milliseconds, normally less than 10. This may seem minimal, but a power failure can cause us to lose a lot, such as data or breakdowns in ultra-sensitive equipment.

Interactive / Optimal

Also known as interactive line. Optimum UPS are like Offline UPS, but add protection against voltage spikes or sudden power drops. Usually recommend It to improve the quality of power supply in offices. Also recommend It for use with sophisticated equipment such as servers. DVR recorders for security cameras or any device with critical missions that require special protection.

Use it in more specialized technology and in equipment for daily use, for this reason its investment is essential for the benefit of your Technology. Think of these UPS as a Water Tank that has filters to make the water more drinkable.

UPS Online / Advanced

On the other hand, Online UPS takes alternating current from the electrical network and converts it to direct current, which charges the batteries. The then convert direct current to alternating current through an inverter and take it directly to the appliances. Due to the fact that the inverter is always connected to the current output of the UPS. This current is clean and with perfectly regulated levels, contrary to what happens with the Offline.

Offline UPS Working Modes

In case we lose the power supply in the office, this will not cause our UPS to change working mode. As it happened with the offline UPS. The reaction time needed by the UPS to power our equipment from the batteries is 0ms. For these reasons, its application is for specialized equipment. Such, as equipment for sectors such as Industry, Hospital and Data Center.

The application for these technologies is even more specialized. Since use it in specific sectors, such as industry, hospitals, and Data Centers, since they offer continuous and higher quality protection. Therefore, their investment is vital for the protection of large and sensitive equipment.

More Filters for Larger Equipment

Think of these UPS as total energy purification. Using the Simple Distillation method which use in the chemical industry for the separation of simple or complex mixtures. In other words, the more sensitive and larger the equipment you want to protect with a UPS. The more filters (protection level) are necessary. So, that the energy reaches your equipment with the highest possible quality.


If what you need is to protect the equipment for basic use such as a screen. You do not need too many filters. Offline protection is sufficient. While if they are for specialized use such as Data Center or hospital equipment. It is necessary that there are more backup filters such as Online ones.

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