Alyce Ai General catalystlundentechcrunch

Alyce Ai General catalystlundentechcrunch

Founders and customer base are the two main components of the startup community. How do they work together? What can you do to help build a strong foundation? And most importantly, how can you make your company a success?

Alyce ai general catalystlundentechcrunch


Founded in 2015, Alyce is an AI-powered platform that helps B2B companies reach their target accounts through personalized corporate gifting. The company uses artificial intelligence to analyze publicly available data to identify the perfect gift. It then creates a personal invitation for recipients to visit a virtual marketplace, where they can choose from a variety of products and services. It also offers a secure redemption process. The gifts are tracked through the entire delivery process. The company’s employees operate in seven countries.

Alyce’s mission is to reimagine the giving category, allowing both givers and recipients to experience great products and experiences. Alyce’s products and services include a wide range of choices, including physical products, experiences, and swag. Its platform provides insights for marketing teams to pull from, which can help them scale outreach and create more quality engagement. Alyce’s team includes operations, sales, and marketing talent. The company has over 300 customers in the United States and Canada. It has recently attracted Invision and Lenovo.

Customer base

Using artificial intelligence, Alyce ai general catalystlundentechcrunch helps to identify the perfect gift for your recipient. It works by analyzing your recipient’s social media profiles, images, text, and more to create a personalized gift recommendation. It then offers a variety of physical and digital gifts, ranging from experiences to products and services.

Alyce has already attracted more than 300 customers in the US and Canada. It is based in Boston and has nearly 170 employees in seven countries. Its team includes operational, sales, and marketing talent. Alyce plans to double its workforce within the next 12 months while expanding its customer support strategies. Its latest round of funding was led by General Catalyst and included investors including Morningside and Manifest.

Alyce is innovating the giving and gifting industry with a unique approach. The company reimagines the category by providing customers with a personalized experience and a physical product. Alyce breaks through the noise and delivers something special to customers that they’ll be thankful for, Read about the Chinese ai series meituanliaotechcrunch.


Founded in December 2015, Alyce is an AI-powered Personal Experience (PX) platform that builds real-human relationships between businesses and their target accounts. The company’s platform allows marketers to deliver experiences that recipients will enjoy. Alyce also delivers products that make recipients feel good about themselves. In addition to its direct mail and swag offerings, Alyce offers an account-based marketing (ABM) solution that enables B2B companies to effectively reach their target audiences.  Its customers include Adobe’s Marketo, GrubHub, Invision and DialPad. In the last year, Alyce has strengthened its executive team with key hires. In the next 12 months, the company plans to double its workforce and expand its global footprint Readmore.


Alyce ai general catalystlundentechcrunch is currently headquartered in Boston and has nearly 170 employees in seven countries. Its team includes technical, sales, and customer experience talent. The company has raised $11.5 million in Series A funding. It recently announced a $30 million Series B funding round, which was led by Golden Ventures and Manifest Investment Partners, as well as existing investors such as Morningside Capital, General Catalyst, and Boston Seed Capital. More Articles


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