A Guide to Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents
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A Guide to Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

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The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently released a study in which 47% of real estate companies discovered that social media produces the highest quality leads compared to other sources! The same study also reveals that millennials between the ages of 22 and 40 account for the most considerable proportion of home buyers. 

This age range also accounts for the largest demographic of Facebook users, with over 58 million users. As the use of social media has increased tremendously, it is essential to know social media marketing ideas for real estate agents so that you can overrule your competition. A few such strategies are mentioned below:

Choose the social media platform.

You must choose a platform that works best for your real estate firm before you begin interacting with your target audience on social media. Spreading oneself too thin by being active on all social media sites is also a bad idea because not all social media platforms work for everyone. 

Some testing is required to determine which platform would produce the best outcomes for your organization. But experimentation can take a while. Facebook is the cornerstone of real estate social media marketing. Most first-time home buyers use our site for 38 minutes daily on average. Considering both these factors and that a sizable portion of your target market uses Facebook, you have a goldmine of potential leads.

Research your client’s persona

Since buyers and sellers have different preferences regarding how they would like to acquire or sell a property, separate personas for each group should be created. The secret is to begin broadly and then generalize extensively. Begin with compiling data for your persona development, including the person’s age, salary, lifestyle, etc. 

Give your persona a personality, then divide the clientele into three to four leading personalities. Establish their wants and objectives and any issues or difficulties that can be a deal-breaker when flipping a house.

Run ads

In the early stages of your real estate social media marketing, when your organic reach is modest, Facebook advertising is a tremendous tool. You may start strong on Facebook by running a few laser-focused ads. If done correctly, Facebook advertising can yield a fantastic return on investment (ROI) of 1 to 1.5%.

Create Content of high-quality

The hitch is that no one wants to scroll past a barrage of adverts.The bulk of real estate businesses only use advertisements and listings. Instead:

  • Tell them about your brand and why you are enthusiastic about real estate.
  • Describe your background in the field and introduce the people who work for your organization.
  • Share client experiences highlighting the issues they encountered and the obstacles they overcame.
  • Describe each geographical area’s locations and the amenities and services it offers.
  • On a FAQ page, ask people questions and respond with knowledge.
  • Create tailored content for the customer personas you previously identified. Whether you produce social media posts, blogs, ebooks, or newsletters, constantly think about how it fulfills the target audience’s needs.

Start the analysis

When you’ve put enough effort into listing creation, developing your Facebook and Instagram accounts, and running advertisements, it’s time to analyze what’s working for your real estate company. Without statistics to support it, all the time and money you’ve invested in marketing your real estate company on social media is for naught. In order to achieve better outcomes, it is vital to track your social media progress and adjust your plan as necessary.


Knowing social media marketing ideas for real estate agents is crucial for those wanting to enter the real estate industry. There have been periods when newspaper ads and yard signs were sufficient to flip houses. But thanks to the quick development of technology, buyers nowadays are considerably more informed and actively hunting for properties online.


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