9 Requisite Skills Needed to Be A Successful Real Estate Agent
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9 Requisite Skills Needed to Be A Successful Real Estate Agent

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Real estate agents are qualified and licensed professionals who facilitate real estate transactions by bringing the buyers and sellers together and acting as intermediaries during negotiations. The commission that they earn as compensation is a percentage of the property’s purchase price. So, essentially their income depends on their ability to close a deal successfully.

Besides having requisite qualifications and training, real estate agents can succeed in their field of work only if they have the necessary skills to execute their job successfully. Their job is not limited to office work; they must interact with dozens of people daily. So, they must have specific skills that will make them one of the most sought-after real estate agents in their area.

The must-have qualities of a real estate agent

They must have the following five qualities that enable them to make their distinctive mark in the sector:

1. Communication skills

A real estate agent’s job is primarily to set up the sale or purchase of a property. It includes frequent interactions with clients. While some clients require regular and frequent updates that include the most minute of details from their agent, others may be satisfied with broader details of the transaction. So, communication is one of the most important skills they must have.

Also, some may prefer long-winded conversations, and for others, to-the-point terse text messages may suffice. To efficiently handle a wide range of situations, real estate agents must be adept in the following communication skills: 

2. Verbal skills

They must elucidate each point to their client and speak with confidence and conviction to gain their client’s trust.

3. Non-verbal skills

Body language is equally significant in interpersonal communication, such as looking at their client confidently and having a pleasant demeanour.

4. Listening skills

Clients can be put-off by real estate agents who constantly keep on speaking without paying attention to what their clients have to say. So, listening skill is also important.

5. Writing skills

During a sale transaction, they must send numerous emails, prepare marketing collateral, and, most importantly, draft the contract. All this requires good writing skills. Creating a website highlighting outstanding features and achievements for better visibility in the market is also important. 

6. Integrity of character

Building their reputation based on honesty and transparency is a vital step toward professional success for real estate agents. Word-of-mouth reputation is the most effective method of widening their client base. This can be done only when they earn their client’s trust. Clients will willingly refer their names to others only when they are convinced of their agent’s honesty and integrity.

This includes following the highest standards of work ethics in all spheres of their professional dealings, including their fees. They must, however, be careful that if their reputation is tarnished due to their dishonest practices, it is very difficult to regain the trust and confidence of clients.

7. Upgrading real estate knowledge

This sector has evolved tremendously over the years. Real estate agents must keep themselves updated about new tools and techniques, ethical practices, and other related information to provide optimum services to their clients. So, they must continually upgrade their skill sets to stay abreast with the latest market developments.

8. Art of negotiation

Negotiation skills are an asset for real estate agents. If they are adept at convincing their opponents to come to an agreement essentially in favour of their client, this can be a win-win situation for them and their client. Long-drawn negotiations over prices are a common occurrence in a transaction.

9. Networking skills

A real estate agent must work with several people to facilitate a successful transaction, such as real estate legal experts, staging specialists, home inspectors, and mortgage lenders. They need superior networking abilities to have good connections with other professionals whose expertise they may avail of to ensure that the transaction is executed smoothly.


A successful real estate agent is, therefore, a people person with a pleasant personality and unwavering honesty and has immense knowledge, skill, and experience in his field. They will help you at every step of the property deal, so you must always emphasize hiring the best real estate agents professional for this work.


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