5 Tips To Increase The Resale Value Of Used Equipment
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5 Tips To Increase The Resale Value Of Used Equipment

Used Equipment

Buying used heavy equipment is an inexpensive way to get the desired heavy machinery. However, its value keeps fluctuating with time. several other factors also affect the equipment value including usage, maintenance, and repair. 

The equipment owner, when wants to resell their machines, they face many challenges in term of getting a reasonable ROI. A simple rule is what you put into the equipment; you will get in return. If you will invest in its maintenance and repair, then you may possibly get a better ROI. The better you take care of the equipment the more its demand will be. 

Here is a checklist to look at to increase your equipment ROI. Read them and save them for later assistance.

  • Keep the service history

When you put your equipment like a backhoe for sale, make sure to keep its service history with it. The on-time servicing of the equipment is as necessary as it could be. If you will not pay attention to its service, you may potentially lose the equipment value. The buyer will always ask for the equipment service history that includes the on-time maintenance, replacement, and repair of the parts. So, make sure to provide it. Otherwise, you may lose the client and equipment value all at once. The service history will be proof of your better take care of the equipment as well. 

The service history especially helps in maintaining the long-hour machine. It might be possible that the client may bounce back due to the high hour of the machine and unavailability of the service history. So, to be on the safer side, keep the machine’s service history always available.

  • Make the outer look better

The machine’s outer look also influences the ROI of the equipment. If your machine was being used for a longer time, then immediately clean it. The neat and clean equipment will be in demand instead of the dirty ones. Cleaning may include painting the outer body of the equipment but do not hide any wear and tear under the heavy paint. It will make the equipment suspicious.

Before putting the machine on sale, make sure your equipment’s outer look is better and appealing however, you should never overdo on its cleaning. The overdo will increase the cost of maintenance and you might not get a reasonable return value. So, make it clean but under reasonable conditions.

  • Clean the cab

Similar to the outer body of the equipment, the cab must look clean and functioning. If any part of the cab is not working properly, then repair it on time before putting it on sale. The cab components including the steering wheel, horns, headlights, back view camera/glass, brakes, and other systems should be working pretty well. 

  • Repair leakages

On a close examination, if you find any leakage, then immediately repair it. The client should never get the leaking pipes and fluid parts. this may immediately drop the value of the equipment. Make sure the fuel tank and other fluids are in the contained tank and not leaking anyways.

  • Replace the damaged parts

When you put a backhoe for sale, make sure its parts like a bucket and arm are not damaged. If you find any dented parts, immediately replace them. Replacing the damaged part may seem expensive but it will keep the equipment value under consideration. So, it is better to replace the parts and keep the equipment value under reasonable attention.

Final thoughts

Equipment buying and reselling is not as easy as it looks. Sometimes you do not get a reasonable ROI on your equipment while selling. Many factors may decrease the value of the equipment. However, by taking some simple checkups, you can keep the equipment’s value up to reasonable consideration. in this article, you may find a checklist that will help you out with what things you should look for reselling your used equipment.

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