5 Signs You Need to Hire a Product Liability Attorney

5 Signs You Need to Hire a Product Liability Attorney

If you have cable TV or have been keeping up on health news lately, you’ve probably heard about all the hair relaxer lawsuits going on at the moment. Manufacturers are getting slammed with lawsuits since their products have been found to contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) that can cause various types of cancer.

You might have developed cancer because of long-term hair relaxer use. Or, equally distressing, your loved one might have passed away from cancer due to hair relaxer usage. Either way, you have rights, and one of your rights is to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer(s) whose product(s) caused the cancer.

These are product liability cases, and they are becoming quite high-profile with so much media coverage. To secure the best chance of a fair payout, you should consider hiring a product liability lawyer – and here are five signs you should do so straight away.

The Product Was Advertised in a Misleading Manner

Hair relaxer manufacturers are indeed guilty of failure to warn consumers of the deadly consequences of extended use. But they also tend to advertise in misleading ways, allowing users to think that their products are safe and won’t damage hair (or anything else on the body, for that matter).

If a product you used misled you, you have grounds to file a lawsuit. However, the company might try to fight back with their own claims and legal team, so hiring a good product liability lawyer is your best bet.

There Was No Warning Label – or a Very Inadequate One

Some hair relaxers do not have proper warning labels that tell users about the dangers of use. Many law firms are already filing cases because of this, as users were not properly warned about the carcinogens contained within them. Formaldehyde – a known carcinogen commonly used in embalming corpses – is something that should be listed and warned about on any product label, not to mention the other dangerous chemicals.

Instructions Were Missing or Confusing

Some products lack proper instructions. You might not have received instructions detailing how to use – or how often to use – the product that led to your cancer diagnosis. It is no small wonder that products with lacking or inadequate instructions cause harm to people who use them.

If the product you used did not have clear instructions – or any at all, for that matter – you should contact a product liability lawyer to discuss your case.

You Require Medical Care

Sure, accidents happen, but hair relaxer injuries are no accident. Those who have developed cancer or uterine fibroids from hair relaxers require extensive (and expensive) medical care. The symptoms you experience can result in a lot of time off from work or loss of employment, and you might not be able to pay all those mounting medical bills.

Filing a lawsuit with the help of a lawyer allows you to claim compensation for your damages. You can file for all the expenses you incur, and a lawyer will help you gather the necessary paperwork you’ll need to submit as evidence.

Your Loved One Wrongfully Died

If your loved one died as the result of developing cancer from hair relaxer use, you have grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit and product liability. Your loved one’s final expenses can be claimed, as can all their medical bills. You might even be able to file for the emotional distress and loss of income you and your family are now facing because of this tragic and unnecessary death.

Don’t hesitate to hire a lawyer to help present your case in court. Hair relaxer lawsuits are stacking up day by day as more victims come forward. You are entitled to compensation for all that you’ve been through, and there is nobody more fit to help you than an experienced litigator.


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