5 Myths About False Lashes You Need To Stop Believing

5 Myths About False Lashes You Need To Stop Believing

5 Myths About False Lashes You Need To Stop Believing

False eyelashes, sometimes known as “falsies,” have become a fantastic beauty add-on in the cosmetic industry, providing ladies instantly with long and thick lashes. But, despite this, many women are still hesitant to use them.

And if you’re someone who once got tempted to give false lashes a go but were somehow stopped by something you heard or read, then this post is for you. Because today, we’ll be debunking some common misconceptions stopping you from rocking these ultimate beauty add-ons.

That being said, grab a pair of falsies, some eyeliner glue, and a pair of tweezers because after reading this post, you’ll surely want to wear one immediately.

So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Listing The Misconceptions Surrounding False Lashes

They Aren’t Easy To Apply

This is the most common one that you are likely to hear. While this is a bit true, only to an extent. Most people find it difficult to stick the lash onto the eyelid, but it’s a matter of practice once you have picked the perfect pair of lashes and trimmed them to fit your eyelids.

The trick to applying falsies is to hold it along your natural lash line, measure it where it needs to be trimmed, and cut from the outer corner so they can maintain their form. Next, apply a thin line of glue on the lash band. Before placing the lashes on your lid, wait 30 seconds for the glue to dry and attach to your skin. Finally, apply eyeliner along the band to make it look less like you’re wearing lashes

False Lashes Will Make Your Natural Ones Fall Off

When it comes to the application of false lashes, many women have concerns. They are worried that wearing false eyelashes on a regular basis will destroy their natural lashes and even pull them out as the false ones are removed. This isn’t true. In fact, these products are designed to be gentle to your natural eyelashes so that no damage is done to them.

However, the thing to remember is to place your false eyelashes just above the natural lash line when applying the lashes. On the flip side, when removing them, you want to pull them away gently. Tugging and pulling will surely result in damage, and there’s no point telling whose fault that would be.

Lash Extensions Are More Comfortable Than Strip Lashes

Sure, lash extensions are more convenient than individual lashes since they rid you of putting on false eyelashes daily. But when adding in the cost factor, strip lashes win. Moreover, since lash extensions are not removable unless done by a professional, the wearer cannot comfortably rub their eyes, so you’ll need to modify your skincare routine around it. And if you’re someone who likes to sleep on your belly, eyelash extensions would be a bit uncomfortable against your skin if your face is on a pillow.

Eyelash extensions also don’t give their wearer many options. For instance, if someone chooses snowflake lashes, they will have to wear them for every occasion, day and night, until they wear out. On the flip side, strip lashes bring a multitude of options and don’t require you to stick to a single pair; you can simply buy a pack of lashes and be ready in minutes for whatever occasion.

False Lashes Are Only For The Rich And Famous

While the rich and famous do use false lashes, but, in recent years, false lashes have become more and more popular among everyday women. The primary reason being relatively inexpensive and easy to apply. In addition, many different types of false lashes are available, so you can find a style that suits you. So, whether you are looking for a natural look or something a bit more glamorous, falsies are the way to go.

False Lashes Don’t Stay Put

Putting on eyelashes is easy, but only if you do it right. Many women try fake eyelashes but realize that the edges won’t stay glued. Reason? Because the lashes are often ill-fitting. The thing is, everyone’s eye shape and size vary. So, be certain that you have measured the length of your eyelashes. After all, you don’t want them rubbing against the inner corner of your eyes. You want them to begin where the white of your eye starts.

Also, since new lashes are stiff, you need to give the band a little shaking to make it more flexible, allowing the lash band to stick to the curve of your lid.

Wrapping Up

False lashes are indeed a great way to add glamour and style to your look. And while they are perfect for special occasions, many women are using them as an everyday beauty trick. If you, too, want to achieve that glamorous look without putting in much effort, consider contacting businesses like Liscious Winks and buy yourself a nice, quality pair of false lashes today!

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