2.28m meetmindful facebook idscimpanuzdnet
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2.28m meetmindful facebook idscimpanuzdnet

2.28m meetmindful facebook idscimpanuzdnet

MeetMindful is an online dating site that aims to help people connect in meaningful ways with others who share their passions for “mindful living 2.28m meetmindful facebook idscimpanuzdnet.” The website was founded by Amy Baglan and Adam Taylor, two entrepreneurs who wanted to create a space where “healthy, mindful relationships” could be found.


2.28m meetmindful facebook idscimpanuzdnet


The hacker group

The site has grown rapidly since its founding, raising $5.5M from investors including Techstars Boulder Accelerator last year. It has a number of different categories to meet users’ needs, ranging from yoga dates to speed dating.

ZDNet reported that a hacker group known as ShinyHunters leaked the personal data of 2.28 million MeetMindful users as a free download on a publicly accessible hacking forum known for its trade in hacked databases. The information includes names, email addresses, address details, dating preferences, marital status, birth dates, latitude and longitude, IP addresses and Bcrypt-hashed account passwords, according to a security researcher who spoke to ZDNet.

In addition, the file also contains Facebook authentication tokens and user IDs. This means that threat actors who have access to the file can easily target affected users with something called sextortion, where they threaten to expose their dating profiles to their friends unless they pay a ransom 2.28m meetmindful facebook idscimpanuzdnet.

This is the latest in a series of major breaches that have occurred over the past few months. Among them were a heist that reportedly took place at the largest Indonesian e-commerce platform Tokopedia, a heist that stole 500 GB of Microsoft’s GitHub log-in data, and a heist that leaked 1.9 million users from free photo editing software Pixlr.

Unlike some of the other breaches that have occurred in the recent past, this one did not involve ransomware or theft of payment data. This makes it all the more important for businesses to secure their third-party accounts and ensure that they are properly secured and monitored.

A security expert suggests that the heist may have been caused by a misconfigured cloud database. This is why it’s vital to hire ethical hackers to find vulnerabilities before cybercriminals do, and consider a cloud clean-up after the incident.

The release

A hacker group has released a document that contains the personal data of 2.28 million MeetMindful daters. The information includes their real name, contact details, body nuances, dating trends and other data. Security analysts say the release is dangerous because it reveals a range of private information that can be used for sexual harassment or to commit fraud.


A collective of programmers called Shiny Hunters took and delivered the data, according to ZDNet. The document is 1.2 gigabytes and is freely accessible, ZDNet reports. It also explains how the hacker took and released the data. It is possible that the hackers took the data from an Amazon Web Services S3 container that was misconfigured 2.28m meetmindful facebook idscimpanuzdnet.


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